Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Health food

A friend of mine forwarded an article from "Mens Health" on french fries. What was interesting about that was an advert from Alpo. Don't know if you have ever taken the time to read the ingredients from Alpo, but they are at least as harmful as the chili fries "Mens Health" deemed most dangerous. Just as family parents need to quit taking the manufacturers word that the food is healthful, dog owners need to do the same! Read the bloody label folks! You would be better off giving them the left overs from the kitchen table, than giving them commercial food. There is a good assortment of kibble that is good food! Few easily purchased at any Petco or Petsmart. Blue Buffalo organic is one, Dick Van Patton's Natural Balance, any variety, is another.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So sorry

So sorry to my regular readers. I have not posted lately. Truth is I have been busy trying to find a home for my foster dog and job hunting myself. But I hate to leave you high and dry. I am working on a story on heartworm, which should be up in the next day or so. In the meantime, thank you for your support, patronage and the few comments that come my way. The comments really mean alot. Got one yesterday that broke me into tears, in a good way. It was from the owner of an 11 yr. old cairn terrier, who was diagnosed with liver disease. The owner had been searching desperately for food choices, much as I did less than a year ago. She thanked me for the food suggestions I posted. I am not a pioneer, the woman who is lives in Texas and her name is Cyndi Smasal. I am merely trying to sift through the internet and give you answers. Opinionated, yes! My sisters vehemently disagree with me on several issues. Vaccines are one issue that I have had countless arguements over. My parents actually called me over that issue. Took a bit of explaining to get past that call. But I want to give you common sense answers to dog health. Feed them well, exercise them, don't spray "Deep Woods Off" down their throat and give them lots of love. You either agree or you don't. But most of you clearly have questions that guide you to my site. To all of you, I say welcome. Feel free to peruse, question or debate. I am open to all as I am open to comments. Please let me know what you think!