Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adopt or foster Honey the pit bull

Columbus County Humane Society I found this pit bull running along the highway. She is very sweet [like Honey so that is what I have called her]. She is beautiful. She is spayed and has all her first shots. She is 100% healthy. I can't keep her. I already have 3 and my one females plays with Honey then attacks her randomly. I need a safe foster home for her. Any Pit Rescues out there Near Whiteville/Wilmington NC? Call Kim 910.616.1190

Adopt Shiloh the chow shepherd Mix

Please we need a home for this little guy, he was adopted when a baby and now owners can't keep and we are all full and have no foster home. They have said they will take to pound if no home is found. He needs to go into a home with no children and needs a fenced yd. Read below what the owner have to say about him. Please help save him. We have had our puppy (part chow/part shepard) since he was a baby. He is now 1 1/2 years old. He is a lot of fun and has a great personality. He loves to catch objects but needs work on giving them back. He has a little pool and loves to go swimming. He is very playful and likes to be chased, ran, and walked. He is a very loyal companion and sleeps right outside our bedroom door. The problem is that he is very posessive. He does not do well with meeting strangers, which will make it hard to find him a new home. This is a perfect opportunity for dog trainers or pet lovers to get a great dog that has one serious flaw. The reason we are getting rid of him is because we have a new baby that will be leaving the NICU soon, and cannot take any chances there. We will give this dog and all accessories free to a good home. He needs a fenced yard where he can have plenty of room to run around, and gets plenty of attention. He is a beautiful dog , has been neutered and is current with all shots and heartworm free. With the dog we will give his pool, igloo, and house crate for free. Please help to keep this great dog alive. If interested, please contact: lambertpat54@yahoo.com I did forget to mention that he had somehow torn the ligament in his front left leg. This is completely managed by taking 2 Dasuquin pills every day. He likes the taste of them so giving them to him is not a problem. He does like men and women- and gets along with everyone once he gets to know them. He also unfortunately, likes to be dirty-- buries all of his bones and sometimes even rolls around in dirt. Sometimes he grabs a shoe or magazine- something laying around- puts it in his mouth and runs. This is not because he will start eating the object-- he is being playful, and wants you to chase him for it. He has been a joy to us, and can be for someone else as well. Editors Note: This is not a mix for the novice dog owner. I emailed Pat Lambert and here is what she had to say: "Margot, the dogs name is Shiloh and he was adopted as a baby and now they are wanting him gone, he is very protective over them and so he might need to go into a home without children and they have a newborn that is coming home (after a mth.) from the hospital. Please pst him and help me find a place for him. Would be nice for him to have a fenced yd. and he does get along with other dogs, he does need to get by himself (a little food aggresive, I have a dog like that). He is up to date on all shots, neutered and heartworm free. I really don't know about the other dog, could you send me a copy of the post?" In a nutshell, this is not a dog for a home with young children. Whereas I am of the Cesar Milan viewpoint of never say never, this dog clearly needs some work and supervision. Sounds like he could be a very good companion for a more experienced dog owner and he is as cute as a button! Shelter is Columbus County Animal Shelter located at 288 Legion Dr Whiteville, NC 28433. Phone #910-641-3945. Adoption fee is $25. These guys need to all be out by 5 pm on Thurs 9/24. Petfinder is updated, here is the link: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NC467.html.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Urine levels and Liver Disease

I love stat counter. I can see just what you are looking for when you encounter my site. One seeker asked (paraphrasing) "My dog is urinating less, does that mean he/she is getting better? Liver disease does cause a lot of water consumption and frequent urination. Unfortunately that is one of the last signs to leave the dog and is hard to measure, especially if the dog is up in years, it's hot or you have a multiple dog family. But, in general, it is a good sign! Focus on appetite first, jaundice signs second stool and urine color third and general demeanor fourth. Meaning: the dog should have an appetite for food without steroid intervention like prednisone. The appetite should be the same as it was before. Ravenous eating can signify a problem. The dog should have pink gums and clear eyes, this is the first sign the dog is recovering (dogs who are in the grips of liver disease develop yellow in the whites of their eyes and their gums turn a whitish brown color. In advanced cases they develop blue cataracts that are easily seen when the light is in their eyes.) Stools should be well formed and brown in color and urine should be some shade of yellow. If the stools are white or white tinged or the urine is brown, you need to contact your vet. This requires extra vigilance for those who keep their dogs in a yard. If you are home cooking, the stools should be easy to locate. But you need to walk the yard twice daily to see. Finally have they perked up or are they lackluster and depressed. Keep in mind that this is something you will always have to deal with. Dogs will have their good days and their bad days. These four traits will tell you more than all the blood tests in the world. Do keep watch on water consumption and urine levels though. That can be an early sign that something is amiss. That being said, resign yourself to the fact that you need to take your dog in for blood tests four times a year. I never appreciated how crucial the liver is in the entire well being of the system, until I had a dog with liver disease. A malfunctioning liver can lead to all sorts of problems including kidney failure. That is not as easy to see without regular blood tests and urinalysis. Stay strong, find a vet that will work with you on a holistic approach, ask questions and keep me posted. This is hell to go through, trust me I know. When I got Macy's prognosis I cried for three hours, debated if battling the disease was fair for her, was I being selfish, vain or irresponsible? Stayed up a fair few nights over that. But she had pluck and the will to live, so I gave her everything I had. Macy is not over the disease, she never will be, but is living well with the disease. She has clean blood tests and has the vim and vigor I always expected. She eats well and is the dog I always knew and loved, rather than some shell of a dog waiting for the end. I was told three to six months and she is close to superseding the last. She is happy, healthy and full of piss and vinegar. She went from a gaunt 54lbs to her normal 72 pounds. As long as she is up for the battle, I am determined to be by her side! Stay strong, research and talk to others that have the same issue. Think of it as group therapy for those that have dogs with critical illness. I still cry everytime I think of that phone call. But being in touch with all of you makes a difference. I hope I do the same for you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's been two years now and Vick has served his time. I should be happy, but I am not. First, he is scooped by Philadelphia, second I don't feel contrition. Don't know how I feel about that. Can't imagine the Tate family taking Charles Manson's pleas any better. But hey, we have a quarterback, a name and the ability to sell a lot of jerseys! We need to get past out love of sports and respect our gut feeling of what is right and wrong. Never will forget finding Sydney. I was asked what I would do if the owner showed up to claim the dog. I told the person that posed the question "I hope he/she does so I can kick their ass." I don't negate Michael a second chance. Only one not so publicly followed and revered!

Strut your mutt in Asheville

As if you needed an excuse to drive to the mountains, the Asheville Humane Society is hosting it's annual Mutt Strut on October 10th at Carrier Park. Information is on line at the following link, and registration is available here. Get yourself a hound and make that doggie proud, cause that's what it's all a bow, wow wout!

Dogs need homes in Whiteville,NC

Hi guys here is what is at the shelter Monday. A lot of strays whose time is now up and coming up today. We really need help getting them out, foster homes are full here. Please spread the word and help these guys. If you post, please make sure you give the address, getting a lot of complaints that they don't know where the shelter is. Shelter is Columbus County Animal Shelter located at 288 Legion Dr Whiteville, NC 28433. Phone #910-641-3945. Adoption fee is $25. These guys need to all be out by 5 pm on Thurs 9/24. Petfinder is updated, here is the link: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NC467.html.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Natural Flea and tick control

The thing I was most afraid of has happened...fleas!!! We were doing really well until I agreed to watch a friends dog for the weekend. Now all three are infested. As most of you know, who follow this blog, I have a dog with liver disease. That means any form of chemical control, either applied to the dogs, the house or the yard is not recommended. So what do you do when fleas invade your home and how do you prevent it from happening? Well, I hope I can address both! If you want to address all natural flea prevention, here are a few tips that were working quite well for us until the introduction of a dog riddled with the little pests. Fleas and mosquitoes hate a clean blood stream. Immunity support is crucial if you go with a non chemical approach. The best dog food your money can buy is crucial. Look for good protein and no grain dog foods. Never assume a dog food is good before reading the label. For more about selecting a good dog food, read here. Vitamins and herbs are necessary for this approach. See previous posts for amounts but all get a multi B/C blend, vitamin E and a garlic/ brewers yeast powder. All have tremendous effects on the heart and blood stream and allow the natural defenses against fleas, ticks and heartworm to do their best. In addition, I do the following. In their drinking water a put a capful of Black Walnut Tincture and a few drops of Wormwood Tincture (available at any health food store.) Both are essential for cleansing the blood and the dogs love it! If fleas are already an issue, bathe the dogs in Dawn. Start at the head and work your way down. Leave them soaped up for 5 to 10 minutes. I tie a leash to my soap stand so they can't evacuate. Rinse them and spray them with 2 1/2 cups of water mixed with oil of lavender and oil of cedarwood. Shake well to mix. Same spray can be used on rugs furniture and bedding. Flea combs are helpful too for day to day maintenance, but I can't even imagine using it on a thick or long coated dog. Very tight teeth and I have a hard enough time with my short coated dogs. At any rate, we have the fleas under control, but the dogs' skin are so aggravated, that we need to calm the bites. Hearing liquid aloe vera is good for this, so I will keep you posted!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Foster Homes Needed in Eastern North Carolina

The Columbus County Humane Society is seeking foster homes for their dogs. Columbus county is located in the southeast corner of North Carolina, near Wilmington. You do not need to live in Columbus County to foster an animal until it is adopted. Interested parties may contact Pat Lambert at (910)317-1606 or email her at lambertpat54@yahoo.com. Please open your home to a pet that needs your love.

Dawn: it's not just for wildlife anymore!

Who would have thought that Dawn Dishwashing Liquid makes an excellent shampoo for flea control.
The oils in it will suffocate the fleas, keeps the eggs from sticking to the hair follicles, and also keeps your dog’s skin/fur from drying out. When using it, just make sure to soap up the dog’s neck first and this has to be done quickly, otherwise the fleas will swarm to the dog’s face and crawl in theirs ears, and nose to hide. You will notice many fleas crawling around their eyes when you bathe them if your dog is heavily infested with fleas. The trick is to completely soap them up, and then keep them saturated for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well, and most of them will be gone, or go away soon. You may have to follow up in a week or so to get rid of any remaining stragglers.
Dawn does little to prevent fleas from coming back however. To stick with a non chemical approach Mix 2 drops of oil of lavender and two drops of oil of cedarwood, easily found in natural health stores, to 600ML (roughly 2 1/2 cups of warm water) shake and spray down your dog being cautious to avoid the eyes. I usually spray a small amount in my hand to treat the face and rub it in carefully. For more about flea and tick control check this site.

Carbohydrate and fat choices in a liver disease diet

Dogs on a low protein diet need carbohydrates and fats for energy. But many grain choices can be problematic and caution is recommended. Grains, do break down into sugars and can result in yeast overgrowth. Grains are also high in glucose and bombard the liver, the very thing you want to avoid in a dog with liver disease. Grains, as well as dairy based products, are mucus forming (toxic fungal growth) and may contribute to health problems such as allergies, ear infections, skin problems, bloating, joint problems, malabsorption and digestive disorders. For this reason, grains are not recommended for regular use in your dogs diet. Then only organic, freshly cooked grains that have not been refrigerated for more than one day. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are very good for dogs, despite previous beliefs that they were toxic. They also contain healing powers. Potatoes are a cancer preventative and maintain blood pressure. Sweet potatoes prevent cancer and heart disease and assist in cleansing the blood. Wash well and cook with the peel on. I do mine in the microwave for 4 to 6 minutes. Potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for three days in a air tight food container. Barley is one of the few grains that has nutritional benefits. It prevents cancer reduces blood clots and improves digestion. Always use organic and refrigerate left overs for no more than one day. Pasta can also be used and is a good choice in the early stages when the diet needs to be as bland as possible. Cook to direction and refrigerate no more than three days. Note: When refrigerating grains or carbs, always refrigerate them separately, never mixed with other vegetables or meats. High levels of fat are discouraged in the diet of a dog with liver disease, but some fat is essential to their health. Seeds and nuts are a good source of protein and fat and are best digested fresh, raw and unsalted.They add needed fat that is hard to get on a soy based diet. Sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds or flax seed are all good choices. Oils are another good choice for the needed fat in a diet. Extra virgin olive oil, soy oil, flax seed oil or safflower oil are all good choices. Oils must be cold pressed. Final Note: Although I have only one dog with liver disease, I avoid grain diets in all three of my dogs. Besides the reasons outlined above, most commercial dog foods use low quality grains that are often the end result of the milling process. They do this because it keeps cost down, but there is absolutely no nutritional value to the grain. It is merely a filler. The sad truth is the FDA has few regulatory standards for the quality of grains used or how the grains should be stored while awaiting shipment. Some of you may remember the Diamond Pet Food scare in 2006. Dogs were dying of liver failure at an alarming rate. The reason was the corn used in the food had gotten wet while in storage and had fermented. Customers were feeding their dog the kibble equivalent of grain alcohol. Higher end pet food companies, tend to use whole grains but always read the label!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flea and Tick control for dogs with liver disease

Well it has been almost a year since my precious girl was diagnosed. She is doing beautifully. Switched her back to kibble. I am using Blue Buffalo or Dick Van Patton's white fish and sweet potato. She did show some kidney problems on the last blood test, but her urinalysis was clean. However, she finally got fleas. My fault! I agreed to watch a dog for the weekend and all the dog have fleas now. Here are some tricks to use. Sentry makes an organic flea spray and powder that you can use on the dog and the home. Available at Petsmart. It is called Natural Chemistry. Smells great and the active ingredients are cinnamon,clove and cedar oil. Bathe the dog on a weekly basis and keep them wet for 15 to 20 minutes...drowns the fleas. Wash all dog bedding on a weekly basis and spray all uphpolstered furniture and rugs. If you vaccuum, the bag must be pitched. Royal pain in the you know what, but if you love your dog enough to home cook it is doable. One step at a time is what I tell myself. Almost past flea season now, but some of us never get past it. Cider or white vinegar helps the skin. Brewers yeast and garlic, pill form, keeps the fleas off...mosquitos too. Oil of lavender will keep the bugs from infesting your furniture and rugs..smells nice too! Few tips to help you out. Now I must go and wash the dogs.