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How bizarre!!!

My thanks to Tom at the Bench for sharing this link. The newest invention out of Sweden is a doggie urinal for lampposts. Not quibbling with the issue at hand, but how does one train their male to hit the target. I am lucky if I can keep an unneutered male from peeing on my shoe!!!! A doggy urinal is being touted as the answer to prematurely corroded lampposts in Sweden. It consists of a rubber cup attached to the post and a hose to pipe the urine into the gutter. Full story here:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Talking Dogs


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disaster preparedness: Do you have a plan for your pet?

A truck containing volatile chemicals overturns less than a mile from your house, your house catches fire, your home floods or you have to escape tornadic activity. We tend to watch the current California firestorm or the wreckage of Katrina with the assumption that this could never happen to us. The truth is that there is a long list of events that could force us to have to evacuate quickly and may prevent us returning home for some time. The ASPCA has compiled a list of things every pet owner should do to be prepared for any such emergency. Many things you may have never considered. Here are a few suggestions of my own: Have a prepared kit that is packed and ready to go or stored in the trunk of your car. This kit should include a collapsible crate or kennel, 7 days of food and water (if dry the food must be rotated every two months or per manufacturer recommendations), an emergency medical pet kit and guide book, bowls, leashes, extra collar or harness, tie out lead, a blanket and a muzzle (fear or injury can often panic even the best natured pet), one to two weeks of any medicines the pet requires, toys, litter and basic supplies, photocopies of your pet records and recent photos of your pet (for posters if lost.) Have your pet micro chipped!!! This is the best way to insure you will get your pet back if separated. Also have an ID tag on the collar that includes the pets name, your phone number and your vet's phone number. If you do not own a car, have a transportation plan in place. Even though many cabs in urban areas are pet friendly, the cab may not be able to get to you. Identify a few neighbors or friends, who would be willing to help you with transport in an emergency. Have a list of those phone numbers in addition to pet friendly cabs, your vet's phone number and your cities Office of Emergency Management number (in case alternate transport is not available.) Maintain a land phone at your home and a white page listing. Reverse 911 calls are commonly used to alert citizens who must evacuate. Cell numbers will not be contacted. If you have an unlisted number or refuse to maintain a land line, develop a call network with your neighbors, but keep in mind they may be scrambling too and forget to call. Block Clubs or neighborhood watch groups can be a very effective tool to maintain a phone database for emergencies. On October 6th, 2006, The Pet's Act was signed by President Bush. The Pets Act, Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act, requires local and state emergency preparedness authorities to include in their evacuation plans how they will accommodate household pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster. Read more about the PETS ACT here. This is encouraging legislation, but it would be a mistake to assume that most cities, shelters and disaster teams are fully prepared for the volume of family pets they would have to deal with in a full scale disaster. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have a plan in place.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Petco raises money for firestorm pets

PETCO and PETCO Foundation Aid California Wildfire Animal Relief San Diego, CA, October 24, 2007 - The PETCO Foundation today begins a 10-day emergency Round-Up program to raise money to help animals affected by this week’s wildfires in Southern California. The Round-Up is a nationwide opportunity for PETCO customers to “round up” their purchases to the next highest dollar as a contribution to the Foundation. All donations will go toward the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to aid animals affected by the fires and other incidents. PETCO and its vendors, along with the PETCO Foundation have provided products valued at more than $200,000 to evacuation centers and animal welfare groups throughout San Diego County. In addition, PETCO associates have donated thousands of hours of time to help support the effort to meet the needs of its customers, shelter partners and evacuation centers. "Since the fires started Sunday afternoon, our associates have worked together to coordinate a rapid, thoughtful response to the crisis," said Jim Myers, PETCO CEO. "Many continue to work tirelessly around the clock. Our actions have helped to alleviate the considerable stress on animals in this situation. Our response once again displays how deeply the passion for animals runs at PETCO." PETCO and The PETCO Foundation arranged for and delivered truckloads of food, kennels and other supplies to pets and their pet parents displaced by this week’s wildfires in California. Semis were dispatched from the company’s Mira Loma, Calif., distribution center to evacuation locations to help ensure the health and well-being of animals through the crisis. Through the week, PETCO stores remained opened and product shipments were expedited so that customers’ needs could be met. To donate online or to locate a store near you, visit

Pets in the firestorm. More ways you can help.

The following message comes from the San Diego Humane Society. Oct. 23, 2007 - The San Diego Humane Society’s Animal Rescue Reserve (ARR) team is currently working with the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services (DAS) to evacuate domestic animals and livestock threatened by the Harris and Witch Creek fires with first priority being given to evacuation areas in Rancho Bernardo. SDHS staff is also manning the pet center at the Mira Mesa High School Evacuation Center. Over the last two days, officers, staff and volunteers have helped in evacuating more than 400 animals and are directly assisting several thousand animals at evacuation centers throughout the county. It is estimated conservatively that between 10,000 to 15,000 animals are in evacuation centers countywide. All press releases here: These folks are working night and day to rescue animals from the evacuations zones. Please assist their efforts any way you can. Give, anything you can, to the San Diego Humane Society.

Happy Howloween

I must be frank. I really detest the concept of clothes for dogs. Winter coats are a neccesity, but the t-shirts, bandanas, smoking jackets and jewelry have never held any great appeal for me. That being said, the following costumes really are funny!!! My favorite is the knight. Enjoy!!!!

Help save four legged victims of the California fire

California Wildfires Emergency Relief PetSmart Charities dispatched two of our Emergency Relief Waggin's on Oct. 23rd to help the animals impacted by the California wildfires. Each semi-trailer contains enough donated pet supplies to support up to 500 companion animals. Both Waggin's will be received by the City of San Deigo at Qualcomm Stadium, a designated community evacuation location. You Can Help Your donations help PetSmart Charities provide food, crates, litter, beds, and funds for medical supplies and vaccinations. You can make a tax-deductible donation to help the pet victims of the California wildfires and future disasters in one of three ways: Make an Online Credit Card Donation Now Make a cash or credit/debit donation at the register inside any U.S. PetSmart store between Oct. 24 and Oct. 30. Mail in a check donation directly to: PetSmart Charities Attn: Disaster Relief 19601 N. 27th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (Please write "disaster relief" in the memo section of the check) Generous contributions made to PetSmart Charities so far have provided more than $120,000 in pet supplies to animal welfare agencies involved in sheltering evacuated pets. PetSmart Charities provides immediate emergency relief funding and supplies to assist pets affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, fire and other natural disasters. Funds raised for the California wildfires will be used to aid pets affected by this disaster. Any donations above and beyond what is needed to provide relief for pet victims of this disaster will be deposited in the general disaster relief fund to be used for future disaster relief efforts. If you are an animal welfare agency and would like to request emergency assistance, call 1-800-423-PETS ext. 2840. Blog Notes: I was pleased to see that some shelters were indeed allowing pets, but most pet owners have to camp in pup tents or in their cars. Many flee without leashes or any supplies for their pets, many leave their pets behind to fend for themselves. Muttshack, a non profit rescue agency was actively involved in the rescue of animals deserted in the California Esperanza fire. They detail the conditions below: As families fled their homes in the early morning hours on Thursday October 26, there was no warning. The Esperanza Fire southeast of Los Angeles and West of Palm Springs, California, had ballooned under the influence of Santa Ana winds to more than 19,000 acres as of the morning of October 27. No time to get the animals, no time for crates or even a leash. Sadly, owners left behind not only their horses, lamas, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, but also their dogs and cats. Many of the families who did manage to evacuate their pets found themselves in the parking lot at the Fellowship in the Pass Church Red Cross Shelter where a MuttShack Animal Rescue team caught up with them. Pam Anderson, Director of the emergency Red Cross shelter said that many people with animals had come and left. The air was thick with smoke, and ash was raining down on the parking lot where dog owners, not able to take their dogs into the shelter were camping out in pup tents and in their cars. There were no emergency shelter facilities set up for animals. Those who could afford it checked themselves into pet friendly hotels in nearby towns. Jane Garner, a small dog breeder was able to get all her animals out, and had set up her puppy runs alongside her RV in the parking lot. Others were not doing too well, having left home without as much as a leash. The same scenario played out at the Red Cross shelter at Hemet High School. Animals were being boarded in vans, trailers and cars and small travel crates. When MuttShack Animal Rescue arrived, a small fracas had sent several dogs off in different directions, running out of the school parking lot down busy streets necessitating an instant rescue response. The Incident Command for the Esperanza Animals, Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto welcomed MuttShack‘s offer to help at the shelters. Ramona Humane Society had recently published a notice in their Newsletter about the newly passed “PETS” Act and warned owners not wait until a major disaster such as an earthquake or fire to prepare. "Be proactive to ensure that your pet will be taken care of.” MuttShack and PetSmart Charities set up ad hoc facilities for the animals at both shelters. The Red Cross shelter, run by Madison Burtchaell of the Orange County Red Cross was very accommodating about allowing a small emergency pet shelter adjacent to the School. Barbara A. Fought of PetSmart Charities, an organization active in disasters, provided crates and emergency supplies. MuttShack and Red Cross volunteers, Martin St. John, Tom Hamilton, and Steve Meissner helped assemble the crates to secure a safe environment for evacuated pets. It was a great relief for evacuees who had camped out in the parking lot to finally leave their vehicles and relax at the shelter, setting up their cots to grab some sorely needed rest. The Esperanza fire burned 34 homes, consumed 40,000 acres and cost five Firefighters their lives before it was contained four days later on October 30. Firefighting operations cost nearly $10 million. MuttShack Animal Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity organization active in disasters and dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of lost or discarded dogs, cats and other animals. Please take time to donate to these two worthy agencies.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Dog Friendly Vacations-Galena Illinois

I decided to feature some unique pet friendly vacations and came across this gem. Not for the urban at heart, TierraLinda focuses on those that truly enjoy quiet, relaxation and nature. TierraLinda features it's own pack of dogs and is completely dog friendly to any dog that is good with pets and other people...oh yeah the dog must be neutered as well. If you are dying for downtown and culture, Galena is a short 5 miles away and is also a very pet friendly town. You are asked not to leave your pets alone at the B&B unless you arrange pet sitting with the owner or the pet demonstrates calmness in the room barking, no whining,no chewing,no scratching or howling. Armando, the proprietor, features; a weather permitting bonfire, a sandy beach with a canoe, tons of trails to bike, jog or explore, complimentary full breakfast (with a hint of latin) and complimentary drinks. There are only two rooms available. I have never stayed here but really would love to check it out. For more information click here.

Good for you Chicago and ouch..take a look at these statistics

Chicago Leads Nation to Unite Against Dog Fighting! Community Activists, Animal Advocates and Government Leaders Launch Safe, Humane Chicago Initiative. In one of the most extensive community-wide partnerships to address violence in the context of dog fighting, the Dog Advisory Work Group (D.A.W.G.), the Alliance for Community Peace, the Chicago Police Department, and other city agencies, organizations and community advocates gathered last week to announce the Safe, Humane Chicago initiative – an aggressive citywide campaign to reduce the abhorrent practice of dog fighting and other associated violence. In cities across the nation, dog fighters and animal abusers are some of the most violent offenders in the criminal justice system. Animal abusers are more likely to commit child abuse, domestic violence and other violent acts against humans. In most cases, children exposed to the ruthless violence of dog fighting and animal abuse at a very young age become desensitized to violence, resulting in children more likely to grow up and become violent themselves. “Bottom line, the real victim of dog fighting is society,” said Steve Dale, author of the twice-weekly national column “My Pet World” and host of two nationally syndicated radio programs on animal issues. “Safe, Humane Chicago is the perfect beginning to what needs to happen all around America. We need the public to understand the reality of this violence and call for it to end.” With the recent media attention surrounding the Michael Vick case, activists warned against stereotyping dog fighters as people of a certain race or culture because data shows that the only commonality that exists among dog fighters is the predisposition to engage in violence. “Whether you like dogs or not, this issue is about violence in our communities – and we must put an end to the senseless torture of living creatures and the psychological scars that dog fighting leaves on the kids that witness this brutality,” said Reverend Dr. Walter B. Johnson, Jr., executive director for the Alliance for Community Peace. “To protect our children, we are calling on the community to get involved to make our streets safer. We cannot just look the other way and let our children become recruits for the gang bangers to mold into violent criminals.” A study by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Boston’s Northeastern University shows that those who attend dog fights and witness other forms of animal cruelty are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people. ”In Chicago, data shows that 70 percent of dog-fighting and animal abuse offenders have also been arrested for violent felonies against people. Even more alarming is that 86 percent of those who have committed crimes against animals have been arrested for multiple violent offenses,” said Cynthia Bathurst, executive director of D.A.W.G. “Through education, early intervention and community involvement, we believe that we can significantly reduce violence in general by focusing on violence associated with dog fighting. This will create a more humane generation in the years to come.” Whole story here:

Tom gets Reba back!!!

Dog returned to 'speechless' Chicago panhandler By Gerry Smith | Tribune staff reporter September 23, 2007 For two weeks, Tom Finley was in a daze, holding fliers with a photo of his friend and asking passersby in the Loop if they had seen a blond husky/terrier mix with a limp. "It was hard to sleep," he said. "Hard to eat." On Saturday, the well-known panhandler received a gift no amount of loose change could replace when he was reunited with Reba, who had been missing since Finley, 69, left the 12-year-old dog outside a McDonald's at South Franklin Street and West Jackson Boulevard on Sept. 7. "I'm speechless," Finley said during a news conference at the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, where Reba strained on the leash and barked at photographers. Since Reba disappeared, Finley had received an outpouring of support from the public. Office workers printed up fliers of the missing dog and a woman gave Finley a prepaid cell phone to field calls in the search. He said he received "hundreds" of calls from people claiming to have seen Reba. "Some would call and say they'd spotted her or they had her," he said. "Sometimes I thought I heard her myself." Finley believed Reba was taken by someone who thought he couldn't care for her. Officials at the Anti-Cruelty Society would not identify the woman who returned Reba around noon on Friday. "She was in tears," said Nadine Walmsley, an official with the Anti-Cruelty Society. "She just handed us the dog. We honored our part. No questions asked." Whole story here: This story brings tears to my eyes. Here is a panhandler whose plight brought many downtown office workers, executives, TV stations and rescue groups to his aid. I have it on good authority that the person that took Reba thought he/she was doing the right thing. Said person called the cell provided to Tom to tell him Reba was in a "better place." I am so glad that this person had the audacity of character to understand that love/companionship goes far beyond the boundaries of how much you make or what you can provide. I imagine returning Reba was hard, but believe this person did the right thing!

A message to all dogs and cats from their owners

To all Pet Owners: To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door - nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats: The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note; placing a paw print in the middle of my plate/food does not stake a claim for it becoming your plate/food. I do not find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. The stairway was not designed by NASCAR nor is it a racetrack. Beating me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help, because I fall faster than you can run. I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out at the other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm. For the last time, there is not a secret exit from the bathroom. If by some miracle I beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine, meow, try to turn the knob, get your paw under the edge or try to pull the door open. I must exit through the same door I entered. Also, I have been using the bathroom for years -- canine or feline attendance is not required. The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough! To pacify you, my dear pets, I have posted the following message on our front door: To All Non-Pet Owners Who Visit & Like to Complain About Our Pets: 1 They live here. You don't. 2. If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. (That's why they call it "fur"nature.) 3. I like my pets a lot better than I like most people. 4. To you, it's an animal. To me, he/she is an adopted son/daughter who is short, hairy, walks on all fours and doesn't speak clearly. Remember: In many ways, dogs and cats are better than kids because they: 1. Eat less 2. Don't ask for money all the time 3. Are easier to train 4. Normally come when called 5. Never ask to drive the car 6. Don't hang out with drug-using friends 7. Don't smoke or drink 8. Don't have to buy the latest fashions 9. Don't want to wear your clothes 10. Don't need a "gazillion" dollars for college. And finally, 11. If they get pregnant, you can sell their children.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vacation with your dog in Saugatuck, Michigan

Fall is a wonderful time to take a vacation, enjoy the electric display of color, the cooler weather and the harvest season. One of my favorite spots is Saugatuck, Michigan, which in addition to spectacular beaches and gorgeous woodland and wetland areas, specializes in fine arts, culture and dining. Four years ago, I took my parents for a short trip. After doing some web research on Bed and Breakfast prices, I found a lovely dog friendly cottage located in a secluded area of the Kalamazoo river, only 7 miles from downtown Saugatuck. Indian Pointe sleeps up to five people, has a superb view of acres of unspoiled wetlands, features a screened in dining area, a full kitchen, a log stove, a hot tub and a dock with a canoe. There is a master bedroom with a king size bed (very comfortable) as well as a sofa bed and trundle beds (a little tough on older backs). There is also a small outdoor run for a dog. This cottage used to be managed by the Park House Inn, but appears to have changed hands since we stayed there. Macy had an absolute ball here. Morning and evening we would take the canoe out on the Kalamazoo. Macy showed little interest in riding in the canoe. Rather she preferred to run/swim alongside the boat, often grabbing the front tie rope for a game of tug. The wetland property is owned by a group of eight men, who used the property for hunting. There are hundreds of trails to explore with plenty of birds, deer and other wildlife. The downtown area is reasonably dog friendly as well, featuring an abundance of galleries, reataurants and quaint shops.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Breed Bans....Chicago vs. Denver

Two informative videos. One done last year on Chicago's proposed breed ban. Don't kid yourselves folks, we haven't heard the end of this. The second video features an analysis of the existing breed ban in Denver. Host Mike Fry compares statistics between Denver and his own home in Minneapolis.

Help Tom find Reba

Great story at 24/7 North of Howard Blog. It is so comforting to know that the communtity and the press have taken such proactive steps to help Tom recover Reba. It would be only too easy to shrug shoulders and say that a dog who belongs to a panhandler has no life at all. But these people know that Reba was Tom's life and they shared a very special bond. Cesar Milan remarks on the special bond between the homeless and their dogs in his book "Cesar's Way." He remarks that the life on the streets suits the nomadic needs of a dog. The pets of homeless people rarely need a leash, they walk quietly just behind or beside their master. They are well socialized with people and other pets. Most important they are constant companions, loyal and loving. Let's pray Tom finds Reba very soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

September is Pit Bull month

O.K.! Enough cattle dog videos already. Time to feature another breed. Sooooo, in honor of Mister Vick, September is Pit Bull month. Time to honor a breed that get's so much bad press. Enjoy!!!!

Breed Specific Legislation

Well, to be frank, it's like racism or ethnocentrism or hell any ism. Let's start by looking at acts rather than skin color or breed or culture. Great Video!!!

Adopt a dog from Save a Pet in Grayslake

I’d like to share with you some very deserving dogs at the Save-A-Pet Adoption Center just waiting for the perfect home (Petraits attached). Top row, left to right: Maddy is an active and fun six-year-old Frisbee-loving dog. In fact, she’s not picky ... she’ll fetch anything you’ll throw for her. Found as a stray, Maddy was picked up by a family with a teenage girl and she enjoyed sharing her bed at night until she was brought to Save-A-Pet to find a permanent loving home. Rick Simon is a seven-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who walks beautifully on leash and is already fully-trained; he knows sit, stay, down, paw and even poops on command (I LOVE that for winter walks!). He is a playful boy who is full of kisses for his favorite people. He loves to play tug of war, chase snowballs, go for car rides, long walks, or play ball. Rick is looking for an all adult home with no other pets. Talon is a big beautiful seven-year-old girl determined to make everyone adore her. She does everything with an unbeatable passion, playing with toys or showing her affection for her dog walkers at the shelter. A human that would offer the same unbridled happy passion for love and life would be just perfect for her. Promise is a one-year-old happy, strong, energetic and lively girl who just wants to have fun. Bottom row, left to right: Aurora is an eight-year-old Shar-Pei-mix waiting to charm you with her smile. She’s pretty calm until she knows she is going for a walk, she starts waltzing with her front paws, left, right, left, right. Once outside, she loves running, going for long walks. She’s got a very unique bark. Aurora would love an all adult home perhaps with a cat or two as companions. Brooks is a three-year-old lovebug of a dog. He is a house-trained, fun-loving, strong and active guy who can’t wait to enjoy the comforts of a home and family again. Turkey is an active, enthusiastic, affectionate and happy eight-year old-dog who is completely house-trained and looking forward to being a member of a family. Sonora is a stocky six-year-old who gives special kisses for all the people that take such great care of her while she was undergoing the long and painful heartworm treatment. Sonora can be independent, but loving to that special person who she bonds with. She holds some emotional scars and doesn’t like to have her butt or paws touched. She’s waiting for a patient and compassionate dog lover to give her a chance. To meet and possibly adopt any of these dogs, please visit the Save-A-Pet adoption center in Grayslake at 31664 N. Fairfield Road. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm; Thursday from 1:00 to 8:00 pm; and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 6:00 pm. To expedite the adoption, you can fill out an adoption application on-line at If you would like to ask more questions about any of the dogs, you can contact Save-A-Pet Volunteer Dominique at or phone 847-726-1257. They are all spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormed, heartworm-tested and on preventative. Their adoption fee of $150 helps support the rescued cats and dogs of Save-A-Pet. Thanks for forwarding this e-mail until all these dogs have found the patient dog-loving homes they deserve. Sheri Petraits Pet Photography Blognotes: For those of you who are not aware of Sheri Berliner, she owns Petraits Pet Photography. She is also very active in working with area shelters to help pets find homes. Her talent in capturing the expressive nature and character of each animal she photographs, has resulted in countless adoptions in local shelters. Sheri is an asset to the pet loving community as well as an excellent photographer.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank You!!!!!!!

This blog started when Bailey made her way through a wrought iron fence this spring. I was able to find her in the same day, but the sadness, the panic and the loss really hit me in the hours she was missing. Since then, I had hoped this blog would be a facility that would enable owners and their lost pets to find each other as well as a location to search for good pets needing a home. I am happy to say that Harvey has found a good home, thanks to all of you who were a part of this process. I am confident his new owner will give him a wonderful home I am also happy to report that the missing chow/shepherd's owner contacted me on Sunday. He had called the Anti Cruelty society and was told that no pet fitting the description of his dog had been dropped off in the last three days. I was able to give him the email address of the woman who found his dog. Hopefully, he will be able to recover his pet. So thanks to all of you that read this blog and forward it to your friends!!! Thanks to all that take the time to post!!! Together we can make a difference!!! Blog Notes: Harvey has a great new owner. She recently sent this email. Hi Margot, Harvey's first night went exceptionally well. I am already in love with him. I knew it would be less than 12 hours to be completely head over heels. He slept in his own new bed. Did not fuss at all and already has fans in my building. Everyone thinks he is so beautiful. He is napping right now and we take lots of walks throughout the day. I am really enjoying all of this :) I enjoyed talking to you as well. I cannot thank you enough. I feel he had adjusted already. He is very laid back and just goes with the flow and so friendly, which is so nice. No accidents in the house, so that's great! Yes, I will send pictures periodically. If you still want to come over next weekend, just let me know. Take care and have a great week! Sherry & Harvey Once again, thanks to all of you. Cannot tell you how much your readership, efforts and love mean. Well, on second thought, yes I can!!! It means deserving dogs like Harvey find loving homes

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heelers at work/ or is it play?

This is an amazing video of heelers, and lets's be honest the music is fun too. If you want to see my fascination with this breed, then watch on!!!!

I know it's urine, cause it ain't mine

Weird night out with the dogs today. We were biking along Ashland southbound and had just crossed Pratt. I had the dogs on the parkway, which I might remind is city property, when Macy slowed down to pee. There were several people outside of the building chatting and enjoying the evening. As I could not proceed until Macy finished, I turned and smiled and wished the people a good evening. Macy clearly needed to go and we stood there for a minute or two. A European lady said, "Excuse me!" I turned and smiled to hear what she had to say. "There are people here," she told me. Not really knowing whether the issue was my dog peeing in front of a group of people, my dog peeing on a public parkway or my presence in the midst of their conversation confused me. I turned to her, assuming the issue was my dog peeing on "their" parkway and told her that I was terribly sorry. I explained to her that dogs, like children, have got to go when they have got to go. Another older gentleman smiled and nodded approvingly at this comment. Now I can understand indignation towards those that will not pick up their dogs feces. But what exactly am I supposed to do about urine. If this woman is so upset about dog urine on the parkway, what is she doing about the homeless, the drunk and the wild animals that urinate every day on her parkway. "Let's get rid of the squirrels, the birds, the rabbits and the deer," I imagine her saying. "They ruin my grass on my parkway!!!" Now let me be clear about this. I do respect peoples efforts to beautify their bit of parkway. If someone has spent time and money to plant it attractively, I will not allow my dogs to tromp through the plantings in an attempt to pee or poop. But let's be realistic here. Dog's, despite the comic notions in "Bruce Almighty", cannot be potty trained. It is their natural behavior to traverse territory in a nomadic fashion marking their territory. Some humans do this as well. What do these people expect??? Which bring us to the stupid comment of the week award on Craig's blog. Dorothy (you're not in Kansas anymore) has this to say. Dorothy said... "wowo, this is pretty darn deep for some kid littering. want a solution? stop taping. so what a kid throws litter, maybe whats important to him is not whats important to you. betcha all you anti littering freaks let your dogs pisson anyones lawn. you know what your doing,your adults but yet your dog(s) can piss whereever their wee wees. i think dog piss is worst then some kid throwing litter on the ground, at least i can see it and pick trash up" Thanks to Dorothy for that grammatically correct, spell checked, commentary! Warning all dog owners. All dog owners will hence forth be expected to carry dixie cups to catch their dogs pee. This will be at your own expense as the city is too busy planning thousands of dollars of your tax money for the 2016 Olympic Games. Owners will also be expected to keep a supply of biological waste bags on hand, expense also deferred to the owner as we are using your tax money to build the Block 37 Super station, which will only be used by idiot tourists willing to pay the fare. What do we care, we want to present a strong Olympic presence. Todd Stroger has suggested an on line video, demonstrating how to collect urine in a dixie cup, transport it safely into the bio hazard bag and request disposal. Stroger is presently accepting bids for the infomercial, but says the best bids so far comes from a company named "Two rednecks and a camera" based out of Round Lake Beach, Illinois. They download their video's to You Tube, thereby reducing production costs. This is necessary as the city is currently unable to fund doctors, sheriffs or anyone else on Stroger's most unwanted list.

To insure or not to insure, that should be the question

Great Article on the snarls of pet insurance. Americans will spend near $41 billion on their pets this year, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Of that, about $10 billion is for veterinary care. Generally, consumer advocates aren't fond of pet health insurance, 84 percent of which is for dogs. Consumer Reports published a quick take in its July issue. In an article titled "Why Pet Insurance is Usually a Dog," the magazine cited the deductibles -- the portion you pay before insurance kicks in -- and the list of procedures that many pet insurance policies exclude. As a result, you could pay far more money for pet health insurance than it will save you. Some considerations: MATH. With a fixed monthly insurance premium of $30 and a 12-year lifespan for a dog, for example, you would pay $4,320 in insurance premiums from birth to death. And if you don't pay extra for a fixed rate your premiums could increase each year as your pet ages. That's a lot of money if you have a healthy pet and receive very little in reimbursements. But you will make out well with insurance if you are reimbursed for a big-ticket vet bill before you have paid much in premiums. Many people who buy pet insurance aren't upset if they don't file large claims to make the math work, said Loran Hickton, a spokesman for Pets Best Insurance. It's similar to not being upset about not using a child's health insurance. "The value is what-if. The value is not what you use," he said. SELF-INSURING. If you instead set aside $30 a month in an earmarked "Fido-gets-sick" account earning 5 percent interest you would accumulate almost $6,000 before he died, assuming you did not need to tap the fund. Stephens says self-insuring is an option, but he contends that most people won't do it. "It sounds good, but most of us aren't disciplined enough to maintain it," he said. And self-insuring doesn't work well if you have a large veterinary expense before you have saved much in Fido's fund. DEDUCTIBLES, CO-PAYS AND MAXIMUMS. A number of factors reduce the amount the insurer will reimburse you. Most plans feature $50 or $100 deductibles per ailment. Some pay 80 percent of the vet bill, while you pay 20 percent, after the deductible. Most have lifetime maximum payouts and per-ailment maximums. BENEFIT SCHEDULES. Most insurers have benefit schedules that dictate the maximum amount they will reimburse for each diagnostic test or treatment, regardless of what your vet charged you. For example, imagine your dog was attacked by another dog and needed treatment for bite marks. VPI, the nation's largest insurer, would pay at most $275, $131 and $95 for various portions of the diagnosis and treatment of multiple bite wounds, for a total of $501, according to its "Superior Plan" benefit schedule. It would not matter if you had to pay the vet more, you would not be reimbursed for any more than those limits. EXCLUSIONS. Insurers typically exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage. So to have an ailment's cost covered you have to buy pet insurance before a problem develops. That means buying coverage early in the pet's life. And basic pet insurance does not pay for general wellness exams and routine care, such as vaccinations and neutering. Pet insurance can be expensive and, like most insurance, complicated. A disciplined consumer might be best off self-insuring. But if you think pet insurance might be for you, ask your veterinarian which insurers other clients have had good experience with. And become familiar with the details of policies you are considering.

Breaking News!!!! Jury selected for Vick Tiral

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You've been blinded...PLEASE!!!

Fellow blogger weighs in on the Michael Vick racism conspiracy. In response, as an Anglo Saxon female, a minority and a southerner, get a grip. I can't and won't attempt to speak for everyone, only myself. If this case involved Hillary Clinton, Sandra Day O'Connor, Larry Bird or the now deceased Pope Paul, I would feel the same way. To say that the moral outrage, in this case, is solely based on the color of one's skin is ridiculous. However there is one racial issue out there. Whereas dog fighting started as a rural sport in the south, it has become an emblem of the hip hop culture. Thank the rappers and gang bangers for that. Tough dogs, mean dogs, dogs with attitude have become a status symbol for those who wish to portray themselves as the tough guy. It has become deeply embedded in inner city gang culture and is heavily marketed by advertising moguls who wish to target their core group. It is very easy to blame the race, sex, sexual preference card when looking at these cases. It's also very destructive. If I blamed every promotion I didn't get, every raise I was denied and everything I hoped for that didn't come my way on the fact that I was a female, "well that's just the way things go," I would be a very miserable person without any lucrative employment. With dogs we say it's the deed not the breed. Can we not say it's the deed not the race, or the skin color? So why the focus on Vick? Quite simply, dog fighting is an underground sport. To find a well established ring, fronted by a millionaire that kids revere, is ground breaking!!!! It doesn't matter whether that the star is black, white or Hispanic. This rarely happens in this underground sporting world. Is dog fighting a black sport? As a southerner, who grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood, I can't say. I can say in inner city neighborhoods, it has become a trend. Countless news articles, the A.S.P.C.A, and the Humane Society all attest to this. The core issue in this case is the rose colored glasses worn by the management at the NFL, NBA, NBL, the music industry and Hollywood. As long as we continue to laugh off errors made by our star studded icons, we tell our children that any indiscretion is fine. Well at least if you make a six figure income. Michael Vick's apology could have been Paris Hilton's. I am not any happier with the fact that she'll still get roles and get the book deal. However she didn't brutally murder dogs. Speaking of which, Michael says he murdered six to eight...what he can't remember? Most serial killers can, but Michael is having a mental block? What gives?!!! By the way, your hero Sharpton makes this case. As to hunters and PETA? Not a huge fan of both. However, the few hunters I know only kill what they can eat. This is what any predatory carnivore does. They do not torture, mutilate and they do not ask their prey to fight each other for their own enjoyment. Most hunter's I know share their kill with the property owners of their hunting grounds as well, another common pack behavior. There are some hunters that hunt merely for sport/entertainment/a trophy for their wall and I find that detestable. Peta gets a lot of flack for euthanasia. Understand, I am not for taking any one's life unnecessarily. But what kind of life does the unadoptable pet live? It lives a life in a kennel with little exercise. Eventually, the dog goes mad. Have you ever had a loved one ask you to pull the plug, because their life no longer has meaning or value? I have and you can see the same desperation in the eyes of some of these dogs in no kill shelters. I would rather see them put to sleep humanely, than live that kind of life! So sorry, your arguement doesn't sway me.

Morphing/dueling dogs and cats

Not sure whether it is menopause, bad eating habits, a lunar eclipse or what, but here I am at 3 in the morning blogging, staying up to date with CNN Vick updates and sneezing incessantly. Please excuse the residue on your screen. Found this on You Tube and felt it was worth sharing. To which, naturally the dogs of the world must retort. Here is the Pug response: To which the cat's come back with some of that good ol timey music:

Monday, August 27, 2007

The results are in...residents want doggie dining!!!

Should chicago restaurants allow dogs in outdoor dining? Chicago has answered and 76% have said yes. Yes: 76% No: 23% Not Sure: 2% Thanks for weighing in!!!

Vick pleads guilty and lies yet again

Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, in a press conference today has apologized for his immature acts saying, "I need to grow up." Well that is certainly true Michael, but please do not refer to your actions as immature. Cruel and criminal is certainly the better description of what you have done. "Through this entire situation, I never pointed a finger at anyone else," Vick adds. Like hell Michael!!! You pointed your finger at your three other colleagues and denied any knowledge of the operation going on at your Virginia home. "I accept the responsibility for what I did." Only after 3 witnesses were willing to testify against you. Only after you lied to your G.M., your owner and the commissioner of the NFL. Yet you still deny to placing bets. Rich McKay, the Falcons G.M. stated that Michael is suspended indefinitely and will not receive his 6 million dollar salary cap. Vick has also received a letter from the Falcon team this morning demanding his 22 million sign on bonus. McKay stated, "We don't feel we're in a box or a bad situation. Arthur Blank, the Falcon's owner stated they were "profoundly disappointed and saddened," yet refused to say if Michael was permanently off the team. He said that the team needed to address two questions; "How did this happen and what can we do to avoid this in the future." He also stated that Vick needed to address these two questions as well. "Only he knows why he did what he did," Blank said. Blank went on to say that the Falcon organization is working with the A.S.P.C.A and the Humane Society to see if there are ways the Falcon's can support their efforts. Vick was described as emotionless at today's hearing. Even after all the yes sir and no sir pandering, the judge reminded him, "Your really taking your chances here." Let's hope the judge doesn't have second thoughts. Vick faces sentencing on December 10th. Vick is still expected to maintain financial responsibility of the 50 dogs seized from his Virginia home. Although behavior tests have yet to be completed, it has been reported that as many as 49 of these dogs will be euthanized. Vick's Press Conference Falcon's owner discusses Vick Falcon G.M. discusses Vick: Discussion on what happen's next.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Put on the feedbag at Feed and support a Rogers Park Shelter

What can be easier than eating a delicious meal, and having the rescued pets of Red Door Animal Shelter benefit. This Saturday, August 25th from 9:00 am to 10 pm, FEED Restaurant will donate 20% of sales - brunch, lunch, dinner or carry-out to help feed the dogs, cats and rabbits of Red Door. FEED Restaurant is located at 2803 W. Chicago Avenue in Chicago (773) 489-4600 and is well known for their down-home, southern-style cooking including corn pudding, sweet potato fries, Brussel sprouts, fried okra, mac and cheese and ceasar salads. For carnivores, they are known for their chicken and burgers. You can wash down your meal with sweet tea, but it's also BYOB. Finish up with red velvet cake or banana pudding. And, FEED has an outdoor patio for your enjoyment ... don't forget to bring cash; they don't accept credit cards, or reservations. If you have questions, call Red Door at 773-764-2242 or e-mail Thanks for supporting Red Door Animal Shelter! Blog Notes: I am hungry already!!!

Startling commentary on Vick's future in the NFL

Get ready to be outraged, yes really outraged. In the debate over Vick's future with the NFL, an unamed General Manager has made the following comment. Unamed, supposedly, because the NFL has asked their managers not to comment on this case. Unamed, more likely, because of the nature of the comments made. Columnist Mike Freeman writes, "Vick's reputation is forever tainted but if you think Vick will never wear an NFL uniform again please read carefully the following words from an NFL general manager. They will end up being prophetic." "If he goes to prison, time will pass," said the general manager, who spoke before news of a potential Vick plea agreement and asked not to be identified, claiming the NFL has asked current team officials not to publicly comment on the Vick case. "Months or years will pass, if he does go to jail. If he went to jail, and then left prison down the road, he'd still be relatively young, and there'd be a line of 15 to 20 teams waiting to sign him. Trust me on that. Teams are going to say, 'F--- PETA. F--- the bad pub. This guy is one of the most talented players of the last 10 years. I'll take my chances." "Teams may say one thing publicly. But if he gets out of jail, we'll all be looking at Vick hard. We're all whores in football. You know the saying. We'd sign an ax murderer if he has ability. He'll be back. He won't be back in Atlanta probably but he'll be back in professional football. You can count on it." Columnist Mike Freeman goes on to state, "Yes, that's a football word: 'ho." "There is no gender connotation to this word; it is not meant to be derogatory toward women." Freeman adds. "It is used by the general manager in this simple context: teams will do anything -- anything -- for talent. To win." Maybe someone needs to tell this to Don Imus! I would like to remind Freeman that the words ho and whore most certainly do have a negative connotation. Look up whore in a thesaurus and what do you find. Words like indecency, lechery, debauchment,Jezebel and harlot to name a few. Ho and bitch are used by gangs and rappers to refer to women in general. Do you think that because this manager used this word to describe his own organization's Machiavellian attempts to sign talent makes it's use any more acceptible? Freeman then goes on to say,"Remember, this is a league that has employed murder suspects, players that have killed people while driving drunk, chronic women beaters, gun runners, drug dealers, former gang members, and all kinds of creeps and cretins, swine and smut-like -- all in the name of talent." Which makes this manager's choice of words even more suspect. Is talent and athletic prowess really so hard to come by, that we must dredge the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to make money? Should we ignore crime to have a winning year? Is using the word ho to describe NFL's desire to win at any cost, a sign that the NFL is pandering to and or promoting a culture of violence, drugs and gangs? Food for thought!

Monday, August 20, 2007

New use for Vick merchandise

ATLANTA — When the bright red jerseys with the bold No. 7 started arriving in the mail, staffers at the Atlanta Humane Society were a bit surprised. Today, however, about a dozen Atlanta Falcons football jerseys bearing the name and number of quarterback Michael Vick have been put to good use - as animal bedding or, even more likely, rags to scrub up the mess that dogs leave behind. "Kind of appropriate," said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, of the jerseys that have been mailed to the shelter since Vick was indicted last month on federal dogfighting charges . The rest of the story here. In the meantime, Vick may be so lucky as to get a year or less for his crime, an outrage if you ask me. Even more of an outrage is the NFL still debating his status...Crickey!!!! Great post by Toni.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Animal Welfare League Hosts Pet First Aid Classes

Saturday, August 18, 2007 Learn the most current treatment protocols for common illness and accidents for your pet. Poisoning Bleeding Cold/Hot Weather Emergencies Shock Heart Problems CPR Birthing Obstructed Airway Insect Bites Diabetic emergencies Fractures, sprains & strains Burns Imbedded Foreign Objects Diarrhea Seizures $65 Advance Registration Required Seating is Limited More Information Here

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Long cool heeler

For those of you who have a heeler, enjoy. For those of you who don't, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

If cats and dogs ruled the world

In honor of's latest poll, I am posting some of the responses here. Vote on your favorite response here. Which of these sentences is the funniest? If cats ruled the world... oh I forgot, they already do. If cats ruled the world we'd be required to scratch the furniture. If cats ruled the world, there would be long lines of butt sniffing without humans interrupting. If cats ruled the world.. I would still be at home scratching their cheeks. If cats ruled the world, scratching-posts would scratch back. If cats ruled the world, we'd sleep 18 hours a day, go catch dinner, and get comfortable. If cats ruled the world we would all be be walking around in mice suits. If cats ruled the world they would delegate the work to humans and let us think we ruled the world. Now for dogs. Finish the sentence. If dogs ruled the world..... We will set up a poll to vote on the best response. Possibly a groovy prize.

Dogs and ice/ice water: Dog owners be warned!!!

It's a hot day and in an effort to keep your dog cool you give them ice to chew or put some cubes in their bowl. Sounds logical yes? NO!!! Ice, ice water or very cold water can cause severe muscle spasms that result in bloat. Please read the following letter. Very important especially with the extreme heat we have experienced this summer. Hello Everyone, I am writing this in hopes that some may learn from what I just went through. We went to the Steel Valley Cluster this past weekend. After showing we went back to our site,set up and got the dogs in their crates to cool off. After being back about 30 minutes, I noticed Baran was low on water. I took a hand full of ice from my cooler and put it in his bucket with more water…. We all then started to get all the dogs Ex’ed and food ready for them. After checking the dogs and thinking they were cooled off enough we fed everyone. As we were walking around picking out the feed dishes from the crates, one of my friends stated that Baran seamed like he was choking. I went over and check on him and he was dry heaving and was real drooly. I got him out of the crate to check him over I noticed he had not eaten, he was in some distress. I checked him over from head to toe and did not notice anything. I walked him around for about a minute, when I noticed that he was starting to bloat. I did everything I was taught to do in this case. I was not able to get him to burp, and we gave him Phasezime. We jumped on the golf cart and took him down to the Show vet, to find out that he did not have a bloat kit, He referred us to the clinic that was to be on call, but we found out that the clinic was closed. After finding another clinic that was open, we rushed Baran to that one. We called ahead and let them know that we were on our way. They were set up and waiting on us and had Baran stablilized quickly. After Baran was stable and out of distress, we transported Baran to AVREC were he went into surgery to make sure no damage was done to any of his vital organs. I am very happy to say that Baran is doing great, there was no damage to any vital organs and he still loves his food. In surgery the doctor found that Baran’s stomach was in its normal anatomic position. The Doctor and I went over the events of what happened up to the point of Baran’s bloating. When I told him about the ice water, he asked why I gave him ice water and have I always done this. I told him my history behind this practice and his reply was “You have been very lucky for the past 15 years!” The ice water I gave Baran cause violent muscle spasms in his stomach which caused the bloating. Even though I figured his temp was down enough to feed and give him this ice water his internal temp was still high. Dr. Vogf stated that giving dogs ice to chew or ice water is a big NO NO!! There should be not reason for them to have ice/ice water. Normal water (room Temperature), or cooling with cold towels on the inner thigh. This is the best way to help cool a dog. I felt the need to share this with everyone, in the hopes that some may learn from what I went through. I do not wish this on anyone. Baran is home now and doing fine. He does not like the fact that he has to be walked on lead in the yard to keep him from running. He hates not being able to go out and rough house it with the others, but is doing great. So please if you do use ice and ice water, be aware of what could happen. Morgan and His Angels More about bloat Bloat is the second leading killer of dogs after cancer. A dog with a bloating stomach has a short time to live without emergency veterinary intervention. Below are some useful links to learn more about this deadly condition. Mar Vista Vet

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Save a life, animal blood banks need your help

Just like any hospital, vets and emergency centers need blood donations to help their patients. The Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services, at 3123 N. Clyborn, is currently seeking canine blood donations. Donor dogs must be between the ages of 2 and 8, weigh no less than 50 lbs, be up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm and have a friendly disposition. To have your dog screened, please visit the website. Please help save a life!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The following video portrays pit bull terriors, that have saved countless lives, at times, to their own demise. Watch this and try not to cry...I can't do it!!! I tear every time I see it!!!! So now what is your thought on breed legislation? Once again, it is the deed, not the breed!!!!

The only one that could ever heel me, was the son of a flying man

And now for something completely different. Patch the flying australian cattle dog. What this breed won't due to spend quality time with their owner!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog's in the kennel

Are states biting off more than they can chew in an attempt to address dangerous dogs?

RICHMOND, Va. — Bear is a golden retriever-shepherd who attacked a bicyclist. Dee Dee, a pit bull mix, killed a cat. Cody, a Labrador mix, bit the neighbor. Their mug shots, misdeeds and home addresses went online this month at the Virginia Dangerous Dog Registry, a new Web page modeled after the state’s sex offender registry. It lets residents find dogs in their county that have attacked a person or an animal, and that a judge has decided could cause injury again. Created after dogs killed a toddler and an 82-year-old woman in separate incidents in the last two years, Virginia’s registry is part of a growing effort by states to deal with dogs deemed dangerous. Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia hold owners legally liable if their dogs maim or kill, and in 2006, Ohio became the first state to enact a breed ban, though it was later overturned. In the last two years, nearly 100 municipalities have taken similar steps — banning pit bulls, Rottweilers, English bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers, or passing regulations that require owners to use muzzles or short leashes in public, according to the American Kennel Club. Last month, Texas responded to a November 2005 mauling death of a 76-year-old woman by enacting some of the harshest criminal penalties for delinquent dog owners, making it a felony with a possible 10-year prison sentence for anyone whose dog seriously injures a person while off its leash. But lawmakers taking steps to deal with growing concerns have struggled to ensure public safety without impinging on the privacy and property rights of dog owners. Several of the measures have been overturned in the courts, and many national dog owner and veterinarian associations say the bans are difficult to enforce and ineffective since, they say, if one breed is banned, dog owners seeking aggressive dogs will simply begin fostering fierceness in other breeds. Full Story here: How does your state rank?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The audacity of the entertainment industry

The recent indictment of Atlanta Falcons QB, Michael Vick, is causing much speculation on whether he should be suspended immediately or after a court verdict. The answer to me is very simple, he must be suspended immediately and fired if found guilty. But this is not an isolated incident as we must look at the bigger picture. Illegal activity and cruel behavior is not just an issue with the players in the NFL and the NBA, but exists throughout the entertainment industry. These singers, athletes and actors are emulated by our children and our star studded culture. What kind of message are we sending to the youths of this nation? By turning our head to illegal behavior, we are telling our children that violence, drugs and lawlessness is OK. Yet later we wonder why more and more minors are severely injurred or killed by other minors. A study conducted in 2001, shows that 25% of Chicago Public School children have witnessed a dog fight. 2007 has been the most violent year for Chicago school children, with 34 children dead. Most at the hand of another minor. With great power comes great responsibility. Our sports stars, our music artists and our actors wield a great deal of influence on the youths of this nation. Negative influence can no longer be tolerated. I would like to see immediate contract release including a void on all salary caps for any star convicted of violent crime and immediate suspension for any star indicted for violent crime. Michael Vick still stands to earn 15 million dollars by 2008, regardless of suspension or release. By signing our stars to 6 figure incomes with salary caps, we are ensuring they get paid regardless of any judgement against them. Then of course there are the inevitable movie and book deals that follow. The entertainment industry must stop scratching it's head and debating what to do. It is time to stop glamorizing violence

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chicago's Big Fix Animobile Schedule

The Big Fix is a program designed to offer free spaying and neutering to Chicagoland pet owners living in the zip codes that have the highest numbers of reported strays. This program is offered through the Animobile Mobile (schedule and locations below) or at Animal Care and Control at 2741 S. Western. Chicago's Big Fix Animobile Schedule 2007 Animobile Mobile Spay/Neuter Schedule Please call 312-747-1406 to schedule an appointment. No animal over 50 pounds can be spay/neutered on the Animobile. Please schedule these animals for our Big Fix days every last Wednesday of the month at our shelter. Thursdays Ada Park 11250 S. Ada Street (Next to the Fieldhouse) February 15, 2007 - April 19, 2007 - June 21,2007 - August 16,2007 -October 18, 2007 - December 20, 2007 Columbus Park 500 S. Central Ave (Next to the Fieldhouse) February 1, 2007 - April 5, 2007 - June 7, 2007 - August 2, 2007 - October 4, 2007 - December 6, 2007 Gateley Park 810 E. 103rd Street (Next to the Fieldhouse) January 18, 2007 - March 15, 2007 - May 17, 2007 - July 19, 2007 - September 20, 2007 - November 15, 2007 Grand Crossing Park 7655 S. Ingleside (Next to the Fieldhouse) February 22, 2007 - April 26, 2007 - June 28, 2007 - August 23, 2007 - October 25, 2007 - December 27, 2007 Ogden Park 6500 S. Racine Ave (Next to the Fieldhouse) February 8, 2007 - April 12, 2007 - June 14, 2007 - August 9, 2007 - October 11, 2007 - December 13, 2007 Owens Park 2032 E. 88th Street (Next to the Fieldhouse) January 25, 2007 - March 22, 2007 - May 24, 2007 - July 26, 2007 - September 27, 2007 - November 29, 2007 Riis Park 6100 W. Fullerton Ave (Next to the Fieldhouse) January 4, 2007 - March 1, 2007 - May 3, 2007 - July 5, 2007 - September 6, 2007 - November 1, 2007 Sherman Park 1301 W. 52nd Street (Next to the Fieldhouse) January 11, 2007 - March 8, 2007 - May 10, 2007 - July 12, 2007 - September 13, 2007 - November 8, 2007 Eligibility Residents of the following zip codes are eligible for FREE spay/neuter surgeries for their dogs and cats: 60608, 60609, 60617, 60618, 60619, 60620, 60621, 60622, 60623, 60628, 60629, 60632, 60636, 60637, 60639, 60643, 60644, 60647, 60651, 60652 You must register in advance. Call to make an appointment at one of the following locations: Chicago Animal Care and Control 2741 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL (312) 747-1406 Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society 157 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL (312) 644-8338 ext. 347 Animal Welfare League 6224 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL (773) 667-0088 Animal Welfare League 10305 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge, IL (708) 636-8586 Participants must be a resident of the particular Chicago zip code and must be the legal owner of the animal. Only dogs and cats will be accepted and the animal must be no younger than eight weeks old and no older than ten years of age. No more than one animal per owner will be approved. All dogs 4 months and older must have a current city license. All animals must have a current current rabies vaccination or the owner must be willing to have the animal vaccinated at the time of the spay/neuter surgery. If approved, the owner must be able to pick up their pet between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the day of the event from the shelter, and around 2:00 p.m. from the Animobile. Applicants will be approved in the order in which requests are received.

Monday, July 16, 2007

To doo or not to doo

Great post from Lafew at Rogers Park Inconsistant. Read here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

If dogs and cats could blog

Fun cartoon for your Friday Enjoy!!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Business of the Month: Parkview Pet Supply

This gem of a pet supply is located at 5358 N. Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Balmoral. Once a staple of the Wicker Park neighborhood, the shop moved to this Andersonville/Edgewater location a few years back. The shop is owned by Joseph O'Brian, pictured above. The staff, including full timer Natasha Barraza, are all knowledgeable about the products they carry, helpful and friendly. Parkview Pet Supply carries a wide range of high end pet foods including: Solid Gold, Wellness, Inova, California Naturals, Fromm, Candidae, Prarie and Timberwolf to name a few. Parkview is also well stocked with pet supplies including leashes,toys,suppliments, grooming supplies crates and beds. Well merchandised, fully stocked and a staff that goes the extra mile, makes Parkview Pet Supply a great independent pet store and a must visit for area pet owners. Parkview Pet Supply 5358 N. Broadway Chicago, Il. 60640 (773) 561-0001

Friday, June 29, 2007

Canine Bling: Fighting dogs gaining in hip hop status

The Sun Times reports that dog fighting among athletes and rap stars in on the rise. Even Madison Avenue has embraced the culture in ads and apparel. America has never had a discussion about the reprehensible blood sport of dog fighting quite like the one that's going on right now. Although 48 states call it a felony, dog fighting is undergoing a resurgence, transformed from a once largely rural and illicit sport into a fashionable pastime with a certain outlaw cache in many urban neighborhoods. Embraced by street gangs starting in the late 1980s, who were drawn to it for their own sport then discovered it could be a profitable enterprise, the new world of dog fighting ranges from highly organized, well-attended matches featuring tens of thousands of dollars in betting pools and prize money to impromptu bouts on street corners and in playgrounds. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that as many as 40,000 people participate in dog fighting either as spectators, organizers or breeders of dogs, and tens of thousands of dogs are bred for the ring. Magazines and Internet sites openly sell training gear and display the "Cajun Rules," an intricate, 19-point system for adjudicating dog fights. Videos depicting dog fights are available for sale online, including recently at, according to a suit filed against the retailer by the Humane Society. One reason for the growing popularity of dog fighting is that it seems to have come into vogue among professional athletes and entertainers, whose attentions have given the brutal pastime a certain street cred. In 2005, National Basketball Association player Qyntel Woods pleaded guilty to animal abuse charges after abandoning a pit bull that had wounds consistent with dog fighting. That same year, former NFL running back LeShon Johnson pleaded guilty to possessing fight dogs and encouraging dogfights. And Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis, when asked about Vick, expressed an attitude that appears all too common among pro athletes: "It's his property; it's his dogs. If that's what he wants to do, do it." Rap music also glorifies the blood sport. The rapper DMX, who appears with a snarling pit bull on the cover of his album "Year of the Dog Again," has sung: "Place your bets/You can imagine what the bloodline is like," and "All my pups is crazy, 'cause off the leash/They can eat, stand a match for three hours at least." Madison Avenue has been quick to seize on such attitudes to instill a certain street cred in its own advertising. In 2003, the clothing company Nike, which has endorsement deals with numerous top athletes including Vick, released a gritty-looking TV ad dubbed "The Battle" which featured a brief glimpse of a growling pit bull and Rottweiler about to face off. A Nike representative denied that the ad encouraged dog fighting, but explained, "People have to understand the youth culture we cater to. Our market is the urban, edgy, hip-hop culture." But the scariest revelation is yet to come. That culture has reached down to schoolchildren, who increasingly seem to think that two dogs at each others' throats is cool. A survey of schoolchildren by the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago in 2001 found that 20 percent had witnessed a dogfight. Earlier this year, Los Angeles police arrested a 13-year-old boy who had organized a dog fight in an alley. Have you ever noticed that the majority of african american children, when inquiring about a dog, ask if it's a Pit Bull or Rottweiler? The story finishes: But stepped-up police work and prosecutions are only part of the solution. We are in danger of raising a generation of kids who view animal abuse as a sport, and it is up to responsible adults to change that way of thinking. Well said, but I would go even further. We are raising a generation of kids who have no respect for life at any level, be it their peers, animals or adults. Responsible adults do raise their kids to respect others. It's the irresponsible adults that allow their kids to get caught up in street culture. That's a tougher nut to crack. Full story here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

City licensing: one week later

After 9 calls to a myriad of Chicago departments, I have finally learned that I must attend court. There is no mail in option for failure to display a city dog license. Here are the different organizations I had to go through to get this simple answer. 311-two times Administraticve hearings-2 times Animal Care and Control-1 time 24th district Chicago Police-1 time Chicago Department of Revenue-1 time City Clerk-1 time I was informed that it takes approximately two weeks for the ticket to enter into the system. Once that has happened, I can come to the court and have my hearing at a time conveniant for me. Out of morbid curiousity, I looked up some of the violations that do allow mail in of fines. CTA ordinance violations Drinking in public Biking on the Sidewalk Skateboards, Rollerblades or pushcarts on a roadway Placing advertising matter on vehicles Solicitation or selling on a public way without a license Glass containers in public parks, beaches and playlots Lack of charitable solicitation permit Violation of park district codes Violation of operation restrcitions of marine vessels including dangerous or reckless operation. Creating wakes within 150 ft of shoreline, bouys or swimming areas Now I don't want to be a pain and I believe licensing is important. But is failing to display your city dog license more serious than some of the infractions above? Do you mean I can be operating a boat in such a way that is dangerous to life and limb and get out of my court date and a dog owner who has failed to purchase a license must appear in court? What's wrong with this picture? In the meantime, my check to the city has still not been cashed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A lesson of love, diversity and a little persistence

If you haven't figure it out by now, I am a vintage cartoon fanatic. Here is a classic, I must share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The Dot and the Line: a lesson in lower mathematics

Does anybody really know what fine it is? Does anyone really care?

Fine? There's a fine? Who told you there's a fine? It's not my fine? I don't know nuthtin about no fine Miss Margot!! City license crackdown: Day 2 Blogging is such a magical way to vent your woes and come out a cleaner, saner person. I wonder why it took me so long to start? You just release your troubles out into the blogosphere, sleep a deep untroubled sleep and wake up to find a quarter under your pillow, a fixed disposal, the grass greener on your side of the fence and overseas bank employees wanting to share unclaimed wealth with you; confidentially of course! Today, I woke up and realized I don't need to fight city hall. With no tangible evidence, I have a better likelihood of someone clean and attractive sitting next to me on the el than getting out of this fine. That being sorted, I proceeded to determine how much I owed the city and wash my hands of the whole thing. The ticket directs you to call 311 with questions regarding your ticket. I called 311 to request information on the fine. The operator had no idea and transferred me to the Department of Administrative Hearings. Once again the operator had no clue but was kind enough to transfer me to Animal Care and Control. For those who don't know, Animal Care and Control is responsible for enforcing all animal related municipal code ordinances. The young lady who answered the phone, listened to me for less than 5 seconds before she went into a tirade. "What do you want me to do about it? I can't get you out of no ticket! You just have to pay yo fine!" For the first time in my life, I had to ask and operator to please shut up and let me finish! Once I was successful in quieting her, I explained that I had every intention of paying the fine if someone would simply tell me how much it was. Her response was "Now how am I supposed to know that?!" rather than "Can you hold please while I see if I can get that information for you?" I thanked her, rather sarcastically, for her time and hung up. Once again I call 311. I explain to the operator that I have been channeled between 311, Administrative Hearings and Animal Care and Control to no avail. She also says she has no idea what the fine is. I told her that I simply want to pay my ticket, as good citizens do. I cannot take time off to appear in court, yet if my fine is not post dated within seven days of the citation, I must appear in court. Finally I reminded her that 311 is a helpline and I need her help. She then asked if I had called the Police Department. I told her no and she transferred me to the 24th district office. Officer Jamie answered the phone. I explained my dilemma and he asked if I could hold. When he asked if I needed to know the fine for my dog, I said "I need to know the fine for my dogszzz(emphasizing plurality.) After a long stretch of time, he returned to the line and said he heard it was $25. Now I don't know about you, but the answer wasn't emphatic enough to gain my confidence. I asked for his name and badge number and there was a long pause. Before he could respond, I added that I wanted to make sure I had every i dotted and t crossed. If I was mailing in a fine, that could potentially be inaccurate, I wanted to add a letter explaining the hoops I had to go through to get the information and where the final figure came from. He gave me his name and badge number. Once again, Chicago puts the cart before the horse. Ticketing citizens without any thought to fines, or for that matter, better use of it's men in blue.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chicago dog owners be warned: get your city license immediately

I posted last week that the Chicago Police bike officers were threatening to ticket dog owners without a license in our parks. As of today, they have branched out onto our streets. No more than 30 minutes ago, I was walking up Morse Avenue, between Glenwood and Greenview, with my dogs Macy, Bailey, Sydney and my client's dog Siris. Siris's dad is in Isreal and he is staying with me for a month. Three Chicago police officers, on bikes, asked me to stop. They asked me if I was a dog walker and I explained to them that three of the dogs were mine and one belonged to a friend, who was out of town. I knew where they were going with this, so I informed them that the dogs had been very recently vaccinated for rabies. I explained that I had sent in the paperwork for their city tags, but to date had not gotten the tags. The officers wrote a citation and told me that I could present my receipt to the court and escape the fine. Well there is one small problem. When I went the vet for the dog's vaccinations, I was not automatically given the applications...I had to request them. I was given the exact same application I have recieved in years past. Guess what...No receipt! Ony this years updated application has a tear off receipt. Even if there was a receipt, I mailed the form in with my check for $60. So who would fill out the receipt, besides me? So we're back at square one. Do you trust my word or do you want to take me to court? Clearly, the latter was the preferred method. So, I either have to anti up the fine or inconveniance my clients and loose wages by making a 2:30 p.m. hearing downtown on August 2nd to contest the charges. Not a possibility!!!! Even if I did appear in court, I have no physical evidence to prove I mailed my applications prior to issuance of the citation. Oh and one more thing: violation of municiple code 7-12-14 does not have penalties listed on the ticket, so I have no inkling as to what I owe in fines. Nor can I decipher whether I can mail in my payment, which I only have 7 days to do, or whether I must appear in court. Siris, by the way, got off without a citation. Now to avoid further violations I must contact his owner in Isreal, have his vet fax his rabies certification and go to city hall to get a tag for this dog as well. All this and Tom is moving to Tennesse in another month or so. GRRRRR!!! Immediately after receiving the citation, I stopped at Morse Market to pick up some food. I was examining the ticket in the parking lot to see if I could find the fine amount. A patron walked out of the store and asked me what I had been ticketed for. When I told her, her response was "you've got to be kidding!" She asked me where I received the ticket. I told her we were just a bit north of Soo's liquors. The woman couldn't believe that three bike officers would be more concerned with me and four restrained, calm animals than they would be over the normal group that hangs out in front of Soo's. I must agree!!!! Don't waste another second...get your city license!!!!

It's "Happy Week"

In honor of Happy Week at Rogers Park Bench, I thought it might be fun to revisit one of my favorite cartoons. Enjoy! More silliness:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Should Chicago restaurants allow pets to dine al fresco?

Health Dept. barks at dogs at sidewalk cafes CITY COUNCIL | Warns of danger of parasites, fleas, bacteria June 7, 2007 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter If Chicago's dog-loving aldermen are determined to let dogs accompany their owners to sidewalk cafes, patrons could be forced to use hand sanitizers and dine with plastic utensils. That's the recommendation of Frances Guichard, director of food protection for the Chicago Department of Public Health. On Wednesday, Guichard painted an unappetizing picture of allowing Fido to dine alfresco. She was testifying before a City Council committee considering whether to allow it now that the Legislature has opened the door. Guichard talked about the danger of the spread of bacteria and parasites if dog hair and saliva got on tables, chairs and silverware. The same could happen if cafe employees touch dogs, then handle food. Cites risk of illnesses "Allowing dogs to dine in outdoor cafes is not the best public health practice and creates a greater risk causing foodborne illness. . . . Dogs do carry parasites, fleas. They also carry bacteria. They lie on the ground . . . They also may have feces on their face," Guichard said. Full story here Blog Notes I must confess, I have reservations with this proposed ordinance, but not for the reasons stated by the health official. Fecal matter? Do a google search on the snack bowl at your local tavern. For that matter, search e coli contamination from restaurant employees and customers who don't wash their hands. How about babies in diapers. Should we ban babies from restaurants? My reservations are based on the unfortunate fact, that many owners will attempt to bring dogs that just aren't suited for an environment with lots of people/children, food, jostling and other dogs. I think this could potentially be a problem and a burden for the restaurant owner, who now must ask patrons with badly behaved dogs to leave.

Holy Cow!!! Viagra for dogs

Who would have thunk? The latest pill for male enhancement now has a new use. I want to see a lot of smiling Pitt Bulls next to a pool, with a poodle holding a dish of ambrosia salad to advertise this. Speaking about erectile disfuntiom, take a look at this video...funny