Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well it looks like Boston is going belly up as well. C'mon people! Can you help? I know it's tough and bloody expensive. But these dogs may be facing the gas chamber. Contact info as follows: Greyhound Friends, Inc 167 Saddle Hill Rd Hopkinton, MA 01748 Phone: 508-435-5969

Friday, December 25, 2009

Side effects of denamarin

I have been getting many hits on this site on possible side effects to denamarin. Denamarin is a combination of Sylimarin (milk thistle) and SAMe. Denamarin is considered extremely safe if administered in the recommended dosage. One important point to make is it should be administered on an empty stomach. It has been known to cause diarrhea in some cases. SAMe can cause some dogs to vomit. But you can switch, with the advice of your vet, to standard milk thistle, liquid vitamin E and a B complex with C. The E and C enhance the effects of the milk thistle. I have taken Macy off Denamarin. Not that she was having problems with the medication, but she was doing beautifully on the milk thistle plus vitamins. She had come completely out of jaundice, was eating well and had regained all her weight. I must add it is cheaper to make your own denamarin. Here is what she gets. One 500 milligram milk thistle 2x a day, One 200 IU vitamin E soft gel (you can also find this in liquid form at a good health food store) 1x a day, Vitamin B complex with C (make sure this includes at least 50 milligrams of B12) 1x a day. You can pick the dosage you want. I tend to get the highest, 1000 milligrams. Vitamin K, 100 milligrams, 1x a day before bedtime. The vet had prescribed 50 milligrams, but the pills are tiny and impossible to cut in half. I upped the ante and watched her carefully. She has done just fine on the higher dosage. Again, I must emphasize that SAMe and vitamin E are not the same. SAMe is a biochemical produced by amino acids and used specifically for liver disease. Vitamin E is a supplement that enhances the effects of milk thistle. Partner with your vet before you make the switch and closely monitor the results. If you are noticing side effects to denamarin, vomiting and diarrhea are most common, make sure you are administering the medication on an empty stomach first. If that does not help, then ask your vet if you might try the above substitute I have found milk thistle to be tremendously effective in Macy's improved health. But the addition of vitamin B, C and E were important too. For more on that read here. I must encourage bookmarking this site for any questions on pet health or medications. They have a wealth of information in their library that is very user friendly. The other thing I like about their site is it is very balanced in it's opinion. Whenever I have a question, they are my first source of reference. Bookmark it, flag it or make me really happy and make it your home page. Merry Christmas to you all! Got lots coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. We are addressing traditional heartworm and flea medications, the study just published in New Zealand on the global impact of pets and discussing more of the searches that land you on my page...successfully or unsuccessfully. This all takes a bit of work, but stay tuned. I really enjoy your feedback, so please don't be shy! Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year! Margot Hackett

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 23thd is pets day

Well I was already to bitch about a study on a pet's carbon footprint. Saving that for another day. It's Christmas and we must not ignore our four footed friends. So in the spirit of the holiday, allow me to post the following. December 23rd is called the little Christmas Eve. Time to pay some homage! A very merry Christmas to one and all and give the dog a bone, the horse an extra bale of hay, the hen a few twigs for the nest. “Little chicks, come gather near. A wondrous story you will hear.” Two white doves, on rafters high, coo a quiet lullaby: “Long ago in manger hay, the little baby Jesus lay. “Three wise men from far away, came to visit him one day, For he was born, the doves recall, “to be the greatest king of all!” Four brown horses in their stalls, snug within the stable walls, Tell of his birth: “‘Twas long foretold, by chosen men in days of old.” Five gray donkeys speak with pride, remembering one who gave a ride” “Our brother donkey went with them, from Nazareth to Bethlehem.” Six spotted calves now nibble hay, like that on which the baby lay. “They put him in a manger bed, so he could rest his sleepy head.” Seven goats, all black and white, describe the sky that holy night: “A star appeared at early morn, to mark the place where he was born.” Eight nestling kittens lick their fur. They nod their heads and softly purr: “And he was wrapped in swaddling clothes, to keep him warm from head to toes.” Nine woolly sheep, down from the hill, on Christmas Eve remember still: “Shepards heard the angels sing, praises to the newborn king.” Ten soft lambs say Jesus’ name, “He was the Lamb of God who came. He was the greatest gift of love, sent from his Father, God, above.” Eleven puppies listen well, in hopes that they, in turn, can tell The Christmas story another year, for all the animals to hear. Twelve chimes ring out from far away-the lovely bells of Christmas Day. And every beast bows low its head, for one small babe in a manger bed. And, yes, at this farm - on this night - the animals do indeed talk at midnight!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Food desperately needed

This is Pat Lambert with the Columbus Humane Society/Whiteville, N.C. and I'm writing this to beg for help with Dog/Puppy food and Cat food. We just took in 12 puppies (7 are only 3 days old) and a mother dog, and yesterday I got another dog and found out that she is preg. and we have three more to get (all coming from a breeder and all outside). This isn't counting the other 11 puppies that we have and all the Adult dogs. If anyone would like to donate a bag of Purina puppy Chow or Purina Dog food, or cat/kitten food please drop it off at : K&K Pet Grooming at 5028 Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington (they are closed on Sunday's and Monday's) or either call : Ruth Turner 910-470-5554 and you can drop off at her house, if in Whiteville then contact me: .We are also helping with food for a feral cat colony and need food to help.We also need foster homes for the other three small dog (20-25 lbs) that are outside in the cold in a yd. that looks like a swamp. God Bless and Merry Christmas: Pat lambert

Answers to some recent questions posted on google

"Do dogs like ice water?" Yes they do but steer clear. Ice water can cause severe stomach cramps, better known as bloat, which can kill a dog. "How long can a cat take denamarin?" Good question and I will research that. To the best of my knowledge, there are no significant side effects. Stay tuned though. "Long term use of cortisone?" Not just no but Hell NO! After the immediate issue is in hand try to get them on every other day treatment. If the treatment is recommended for longer than a month, you need to find an alternate solution! "How long can a dog last in ice water?" Too many parameters to make one conclusive statement. Health, size, fat ratio and coat all play a role. Let's say as a generality, they last longer than we do but are less likely to make it to safety without help. I am thinking of the ice mountains the Great Lakes make as I write this. Friend's dog slid off and it took four men and a rope to get the dog to safety. The dog would have never survived left to it's own devices. "Can you cut up denamarin." The answer is not can you, but should you. You can get a pill cutter which will slice it nicely. You should partner with your vet if you think the dosage needs to be reduced. Took Macy off denamarin in May, but it was very helpful in her early treatment. I waited till the blood tests were back to normal. "Flea medication for a dog with liver disease?" Wouldn't recommend it or for any other dogs that clean as a normal behavior. There are plenty of alternatives. Dawn is the best flea killing bath soap I know of. Soap the muzzle and anal extremities first. Reason being that the fleas will run for cover. They will run in the eye sockets, nose, mouth and anal cavity to ride out the bath. But if you have already soaped those areas, they will probably die. Use your hands and watch the eyes. Short term prevention; vinegar, oils as follows; lavender, cedar, cinnamon, clove are all good. Mix them up with water in a spray bottle and go crazy. Use it on the dog, the furniture and the carpet. Must be applied every couple of days, but it works. Heartworm prevention is not recommended either. Use a small capful of white or cider vinegar in your dogs water. If they won't drink it try a half dropper of black walnut tincture and wormwood tincture in their water, pending on the size of the dog. This is based on three dogs, one 70 and two 50. I will explain in my next post, but it works! "Early vaccinations for aggressive dogs?" Well sorry, I have no stats for that, but I think early vaccinations are important to any dog. By aggressive do you mean the dog already is or has the potential based on character or breed? Vaccines do take a dog or cat out for a few days. They don't feel 100%, They might be more reactive just after a vaccination, but that is the only reason I can think of.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Looking for a pretty blue heeler

Looking for a pretty girl to mate with my boy. He has no papers, I found him when he was 6 months old. I believe he is full blood ACD. He has one spot on his hindquarter and a muddy Hall's heeler mark. But the best temperament you could ask for. I am breeding him because I want a pup to replace him. Deal is, the lady must have a sweet temperament, be a blue heeler and live within the continental U.S. You and I get first pick of the litter. The rest get adopted or sold, you get the profit. I know 12 people that want a pup out of this dog. He is a admirable gent! If you or a friend is interested, please let me know! I want to meet the lady before I breed him, but that can be worked out.