Monday, November 14, 2011

Side effects of Rimadyl

So my dog ripped the crap out of her paw this year. Didn't witness it, no idea how she did it. I just came back from the grocery store, and she refused to put any weight on it. Then it swelled up, so I took her in to the Vet. They X-rayed the foot and determined she hadn't broken it. Prescribed Rimadyl. You know that ad where elderly yellow labs are playing? Not exactly! After two pills Bailey was pooping straight blood. I took her back in because I knew what was going on. Her liver panels were off as well. I will never give a dog Rimadyl again! It was intended for human arthritis and denied by the FDA. So they marketed it as dog drugs for arthritis and Dysplasia. Luckily Bailey is fine, but use caution when using this drug, and report it to the FDA.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So strange, I was linked to this radio show in reference to a post I wrote on vaccines.