Thursday, May 03, 2007

Training does not include terror

This is a very frightening story The Reader uncovered about a Chicago Dog Trainer. Read on: DRIVING HOME FROM Skinner Park in the West Loop early last June, Greg Cumber heard a sound that made him abruptly pull over. “It was the sound of an animal getting hit by a car, or like a child’s shriek,” he says. Looking around, he located the source of the cry—a small Newfoundland dog being led around the park by a tall African-American woman with a large remote control in one hand. Cumber, who had just been playing in the park with his German shepherd, Chloe, recognized it as the remote for an electronic training collar. He says what he saw sent shivers down his spine. “She was zapping it every few seconds. It kept kicking at the collar with its hind legs, making that noise over and over again.” He watched for a few more minutes, then drove away, dazed. “I couldn’t sleep that night,” he says. “I couldn’t get that sound out of my head. I’m just a normal guy—I’m no crusader or anything. But I knew I had to do something about what I saw.” Read the rest of the story here

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