Thursday, June 07, 2007

Three kitties and a dog continued

Day two of kitties in the house. We are making progress though Syd tries to address the cats like he would a dog or a cow. Lunging in, making his presence known and dominating the situation. Needless to say, the cats want none of that and probably never will. Really at a standstill to figure out what would be best. Sydney is determined to have it his own way and the cats are not comfortable with him. I kept him on leash tonight while in the office. Simba was camped out on my desk wanting no part of him. Bailey continues to be uncurious and unintersted. Not sure if she is thinking been there done that or if she is timing herself out. Only time will tell. Mother and dominant Macy, on the other hand has dealt with the cats beautifully. She is certainly curious, but allows them their space. She also intervenes when the other dogs get too close. Who would have thought that a dog that showed up on my doorstep as a two month old, and had already been through two homes in two days, would be such an amazing dog!!! She never ceases to amaze me!!!!!

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