Friday, February 20, 2009

Living with hepatitis

Hi all, It's been a damn long time since I have posted on this site. My apologies, but between my family and my eldest dog, things have been a bit crazy, Macy Gray was diagnosed with hepatitis. An earth shattering revelation for someone who just made a major move and has yet to find full time work. God bless my parents who have helped me financially to keep her alive. If tears were dollars, I would be very wealthy by now. Macy is doing well, I have been given a 4 to 6 month prognosis for her, but she continues to not only persevere but continue with vim and vigor. I purchased a book in my process to understand this disease better, which encourages nutritional support. The book is called, "Hope for healing liver disease in your dog" by Cyndi Smasal. The book encourages nutritional and vitamin support, rather than pharmaceutical support. Having owned a dog with severe dermatitis, whose kidneys were burned out by cortisone, I am very open to this option. In two days, I am already seeing improvement. So I will keep you posted and dedicate this site to dealing with liver disease. I will keep you posted.

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