Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Help find a home for Susie the Terrier mix

Susie is a Terrier mix a little over a year old. I think she is part Chihuahua as well. Those ears are a dead giveaway. She weighs 15 pounds and is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated. Susie is good with other dogs, people and children. She comes with food, leash, bowls and all vet records. Susie was owned by a good friend of mine who can no longer keep her. He accepted a contract job that moves him to Afghanistan at the end of this week. There is also the issue that Susie played just too rough with his wife's miniature Schnauzer. Apparently she grabbed the Schnauzer's beard and tried to play tug of war with it. Susie is very friendly and playful with dogs, but I can see that small dog might find her play style a bit too rough. My brood have no problem with her and love playing with Susie. Susie is loving, affectionate and cute as a button! Loves to lie in your lap and have her belly scratched. But like all terriers, she has a lot of energy. She is not a good choice for someone looking for a low maintenance dog. Without good exercise, Susie will pace nervously. Susie is also very submissive, which combined with her energy can make training a challenge. But smart as a whip and wants to please, if she can only hold still long enough to do it. She has learned so much in her weeks stay, but it takes a soft voice, time and patience. I think she would be happiest with an experienced owner and would turn out to be a wonderful companion animal. Susie is living in Greenville, South Carolina. If you or anyone you know would be interested in Susie, please contact Margot at or call (864)248-0525.

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