Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Animal Rehab and Conditioning Center opens in Upstate

A new center that specializes in physical therapy, rehabilitation, post surgical therapy and pain management has opened in the upstate. The Animal Rehab and Conditioning Center is located in Simpsonville, just off 385 and 276. Dr. Dicki Kennedy is a veterinarian who, after 10 years of general practice, shifted her focus to pain management and physical therapy rehabilitation. She is certified in canine rehabilitation, veterinary acupuncture and is a certified veterinary pain practitioner. Her techniques can be used to address: Osteoarthritis, hip problems, muscle injuries, spinal injuries, neuromuscular, Cruciate Disease, shoulder OCD, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, IVDD, fractures and paralysis/paresis. Modalities used in rehabilitation include: Hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasounds, therapeutic lasers, pet stance analyzer, E-stim, pulse signal therapy, chiropratic therapy, FitPAWS equipment and manual therapy. Why a rehabilitation Veterinarian? I'll put it in her words.
A Rehabilitation Veterinarian is an accredited veterinarian, like most folks see on a regular basis. A Rehab Vet however, has additional specialty training and/or accreditation focused on rehabilitative care. This care utilizes special tools, techniques and insights to improve an animals quality of life through physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Dr. Kennedy found a small house between Mauldin and Simpsonville, adjacent to 276 and 385, to start her new practice. As unassuming as it appears to be, it is a top notch clinic from it's ramps and flooring to the state of the art equipment inside. I took my dog, Bailey there last week for her assessment. Bailey has just been diagnosed with mild to moderate, bilateral dysplasia and barely puts weight on her right hind leg. The assessment included a general assessment of overall health, range of motion, palpitation, measurements of the afflicted area and a complete medical history of the dog. Then usually one modality which in our case was underwater treadmill. She gave us homework; walking exercises and flexing exercises to do daily and sent a complete list of her notes and recommendations to my vet and to me. I was extremely impressed by her expertise, her compassion, her passion and her patience with me attempting to assimilate all the information she gave me. based on the initial visit, I give her a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. The pricing I thought was extremely reasonable. The assessment plus one modality cost me $120.00. Further treatments we discussed, laser and hydrotherapy, were all within reason. The clinic address is 109 Monroe Dr. Simpsonville, S.C. 29681. The phone number is (864) 962-0101. If you do not live in the upstate but are interested in searching for a certified vet in your area click here.

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