Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adopt Shiloh the chow shepherd Mix

Please we need a home for this little guy, he was adopted when a baby and now owners can't keep and we are all full and have no foster home. They have said they will take to pound if no home is found. He needs to go into a home with no children and needs a fenced yd. Read below what the owner have to say about him. Please help save him. We have had our puppy (part chow/part shepard) since he was a baby. He is now 1 1/2 years old. He is a lot of fun and has a great personality. He loves to catch objects but needs work on giving them back. He has a little pool and loves to go swimming. He is very playful and likes to be chased, ran, and walked. He is a very loyal companion and sleeps right outside our bedroom door. The problem is that he is very posessive. He does not do well with meeting strangers, which will make it hard to find him a new home. This is a perfect opportunity for dog trainers or pet lovers to get a great dog that has one serious flaw. The reason we are getting rid of him is because we have a new baby that will be leaving the NICU soon, and cannot take any chances there. We will give this dog and all accessories free to a good home. He needs a fenced yard where he can have plenty of room to run around, and gets plenty of attention. He is a beautiful dog , has been neutered and is current with all shots and heartworm free. With the dog we will give his pool, igloo, and house crate for free. Please help to keep this great dog alive. If interested, please contact: lambertpat54@yahoo.com I did forget to mention that he had somehow torn the ligament in his front left leg. This is completely managed by taking 2 Dasuquin pills every day. He likes the taste of them so giving them to him is not a problem. He does like men and women- and gets along with everyone once he gets to know them. He also unfortunately, likes to be dirty-- buries all of his bones and sometimes even rolls around in dirt. Sometimes he grabs a shoe or magazine- something laying around- puts it in his mouth and runs. This is not because he will start eating the object-- he is being playful, and wants you to chase him for it. He has been a joy to us, and can be for someone else as well. Editors Note: This is not a mix for the novice dog owner. I emailed Pat Lambert and here is what she had to say: "Margot, the dogs name is Shiloh and he was adopted as a baby and now they are wanting him gone, he is very protective over them and so he might need to go into a home without children and they have a newborn that is coming home (after a mth.) from the hospital. Please pst him and help me find a place for him. Would be nice for him to have a fenced yd. and he does get along with other dogs, he does need to get by himself (a little food aggresive, I have a dog like that). He is up to date on all shots, neutered and heartworm free. I really don't know about the other dog, could you send me a copy of the post?" In a nutshell, this is not a dog for a home with young children. Whereas I am of the Cesar Milan viewpoint of never say never, this dog clearly needs some work and supervision. Sounds like he could be a very good companion for a more experienced dog owner and he is as cute as a button! Shelter is Columbus County Animal Shelter located at 288 Legion Dr Whiteville, NC 28433. Phone #910-641-3945. Adoption fee is $25. These guys need to all be out by 5 pm on Thurs 9/24. Petfinder is updated, here is the link: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/NC467.html.

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Margot Hackett said...

He is sheltered in Asheboro but the contact number is good.