Sunday, December 13, 2009

Answers to some recent questions posted on google

"Do dogs like ice water?" Yes they do but steer clear. Ice water can cause severe stomach cramps, better known as bloat, which can kill a dog. "How long can a cat take denamarin?" Good question and I will research that. To the best of my knowledge, there are no significant side effects. Stay tuned though. "Long term use of cortisone?" Not just no but Hell NO! After the immediate issue is in hand try to get them on every other day treatment. If the treatment is recommended for longer than a month, you need to find an alternate solution! "How long can a dog last in ice water?" Too many parameters to make one conclusive statement. Health, size, fat ratio and coat all play a role. Let's say as a generality, they last longer than we do but are less likely to make it to safety without help. I am thinking of the ice mountains the Great Lakes make as I write this. Friend's dog slid off and it took four men and a rope to get the dog to safety. The dog would have never survived left to it's own devices. "Can you cut up denamarin." The answer is not can you, but should you. You can get a pill cutter which will slice it nicely. You should partner with your vet if you think the dosage needs to be reduced. Took Macy off denamarin in May, but it was very helpful in her early treatment. I waited till the blood tests were back to normal. "Flea medication for a dog with liver disease?" Wouldn't recommend it or for any other dogs that clean as a normal behavior. There are plenty of alternatives. Dawn is the best flea killing bath soap I know of. Soap the muzzle and anal extremities first. Reason being that the fleas will run for cover. They will run in the eye sockets, nose, mouth and anal cavity to ride out the bath. But if you have already soaped those areas, they will probably die. Use your hands and watch the eyes. Short term prevention; vinegar, oils as follows; lavender, cedar, cinnamon, clove are all good. Mix them up with water in a spray bottle and go crazy. Use it on the dog, the furniture and the carpet. Must be applied every couple of days, but it works. Heartworm prevention is not recommended either. Use a small capful of white or cider vinegar in your dogs water. If they won't drink it try a half dropper of black walnut tincture and wormwood tincture in their water, pending on the size of the dog. This is based on three dogs, one 70 and two 50. I will explain in my next post, but it works! "Early vaccinations for aggressive dogs?" Well sorry, I have no stats for that, but I think early vaccinations are important to any dog. By aggressive do you mean the dog already is or has the potential based on character or breed? Vaccines do take a dog or cat out for a few days. They don't feel 100%, They might be more reactive just after a vaccination, but that is the only reason I can think of.

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