Monday, May 03, 2010

Answering your searches

Well I have had quite a few, from lemon water to ice cubes. Ice,ice water or chilled water is bad. Do not do it. Their systems are so similar to ours, but their digestive system will not allow. Causes bloat which is similar to colic. Denamarin and Denosyl? Both are the same. I would not double up without the advice of your vet. Both are a combination of SamE and milk thistle. Whereas milk thistle is completely safe in high amounts, I can't speak to SamE. It can cause nausea and diarrhea in some dogs. You can give them additional Milk thistle with vitamin B (full range, make sure it has a good dose of B12), vitamin C and E. The B, C and E enhance the effects of the milk thistle. Lemons? Never! Dogs don't deal well with acidic vegetables or fruits. Give them berries, steer clear of apples and grapes. Grapes are like chocolate and apples can cause severe allegic reactions in some dogs. I gave Macey homemade apple treats once. Her muzzle swelled up and her lips scabbed. Bailey had no problem. But I researched it later and dogs do have a problem with apples. Some more than others clearly. Does cortizone make a bladder weak? You better believe it! Use it only in small dosages. Look at my posts on flea and tick control. I had to put my dog down because of cortizone. Had to take a train from Virginia to do it. I wasn't about to put Natasha down without being by her side. Still hurts! I took her to the mountains for a last hurrah. Then I had to take her in and put her to sleep. Tasha was on cortizone most of the year. I do think that the advances in dog food have helped dogs with allergies, which is what cortizone is primarily used for. I still shudder when I walk into someone's home and see a bag of Beneful or Alpo. I had this conversation with my neighbor a few days ago. She asked me why I thought it was a bad food. Well first it is a corn based food. I could eat corn for the rest of my life and sustain myself. But I probably wouldn't be healthy. Food coloring is my second issue. It is entirely for us, the consumer, I guarantee you your dog could care less. A little food 101. Meat weighs more than grain. The ingredients are listed by weight.If you aren't seeing meat or meal as two of the three on the top of the list, steer clear. If corn is on the top of the list run, don't walk, away. You would be better off feeding your dogs table scraps. One thing I think does work is vitamin E. I give my guys 400 IU once daily. Started that when Macy got sick. Their coats are gorgeous and the shedding has reduced as well. Normally I need a U haul and Stanley Steamer to get all the hair out of here. They never blew their coats this spring. They thinned out, that's to be expected. But what used to be a giant heap of hair has reduced to something vastly more managable. The dander is better too. Not to mention the dandruff or ecxema. Macy was a flaky girl. No longer!

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