Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dogs of the week. Buster and Kerby from Houston.

Buster has been a good friend of mine since 2005. He is owned by Toby and Gwen, who used to be my clients in Chicago. Buster was found wandering the streets. Toby and Gwen took him in when they found him on a walk, with their Australian Shepherd mix Kerby, and got him to a vet. He was riddled with heartworm. They took him in and nursed him through his illness. Buster is a loving dog, just full of personality! Loves to be on your lap but, because that is not allowed by the family, he will sit on the floor with a paw or his head on your knee and look at you intently until he gets the attention he so rightly deserves. One of my favorite quirks about Buster was taking him to Lake Michigan. He loved the waves. Not a big swimmer, he preferred to chase them and bite them. He would race up and down the beach telling those waves they needed to pay attention! Kerby on the other hand is a nut. You don't get that on the first meeting, but he really is. Bit aloof with humans on the first meeting but loves to play. My friend Loretta had a Lab/Newfoundland mix named Mackie. We introduced the boys at the tennis courts and spent the next hour in laughing fits. Both were a bit over weight which both owners were trying to address. But these boys took to each other in a WWF smackdown, only play style. We continue to call it the dance of the fatties. Kerby was right in his element in Chicago. All the left over chicken bones and bits of pizza he could cram in his mouth. But Kerb is a beautiful and loving dog, who I adore to this day.

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Toby Drake said...

Margot, this is great. Just showed it go Gwen. She loved it. Thanks.