Friday, November 20, 2009

Foster home desperately needed, eastern NC

URGENT! two 8wk. old pups, foster home needed or will go to pound. C.H.S. Please we need foster homes for these two babies, the woman called last night and said that her mom was going to take to them to the pound, but she has asked her to wait to see if Columbus Humane Society can find a foster home. We have until Sunday and then she will call the pound. We have no where for them to go, we will provide all medical, food for them, just need a place for them to be safe until we can get them a home. She said that they look like beagle mix and might even have Jack R. but who knows. They are just babies and I don't care what they are, they just need not to go to that Hell Hole of a pound. If we can get foster or permanent home then we can get them adopted and their adoption will include, first, second shots, bordatella, worming and spay/neuter. I don't know what sex they are but I'm trying to get the mom to go and look. Please contact: if you can help - Hope someone will take them soon - My mom wanted me to call the pound - but just don't want to. They are very playful - Don't know a lot more about them - Haven't had much time to be w/them.

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