Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Protect your dogs from electircal shock while on your walk. A few common sense strategies everyone should know

I have heard of this happening before. Dog's electrocuted on a daily walk and their owners failing to take the simplest of precautions. Though I rarely, if ever, have tied my dogs to a lamp post, it is something we as owners need to think about. Electricity runs in the neighboring yard, under our feet and over our heads. Countless dogs die every year from electrocution. It tends to be more common in larger cities, but can happen in a small town as well. This not for profit community watch site, can give you lots of helpful tips to avoid these pitfalls. Pitfalls including yard lights that are old, construction sites, metal plates, or grids and street lamps. Dog boots increase an animal's chance of a shock. This web site might just save you and your dog's life!

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