Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Macy Gray, story of a dog with liver disease

It was less than two weeks ago that I posted that Macy was on the downturn. Prior to that I have spoken about proper dog nutrition twice. Once in february, and once in March. Took her into the vet and her blood samples and urine are stellar! She is an eight year, old large breed and I have been so obsessed with her illness, that I may have taken natural aging signs and panicked. the vet told me she had never seen a dog with liver disease improve that quickly and maintain it's health. Keep it in your heart that it can happen. Even when you get the worst diagnosis from your vet, which I did in January. Don't give up hope!


Susan said...

Hi - I am SO glad I found your blog. My almost 11 year old Cairn Terrier, Myra was diagnosed with CAH on Friday. I was stunned - she has always been in perfect health other than a bout with bladder stones. I have been searching everywhere for just lists of food that are recommended and your posts are just the ticket. Thank you, thank you SO much!

Margot Hackett said...

It is the worst news possible. I cried a river when they gave me Macy's prognosis. but she is doing really well now.
Turns out Canine hepatitis is a bacterial infection. Much like mange is caused by naturally residing parasites, hepatitis in dogs is a naturally residing bacteria. Some breeds are naturally susceptible. Some terriers are but I am not aware of Cairns being on that list. The rest get it through some kind of injury to the liver. Though I have never found a website that could explain what that injury could be, I would imagine many things could cause that trauma from injections to food. I wish you the best for Myra! Make sure you get Cyndi's book. Here is the amazon link.