Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 ways dogs have helped to advance medicine

All I can say is wow! A friend found my site and asked me if I would share. I told her I would have to peruse the article, but it sounded like just the thing I like to share. Well it certainly is! A few are no brainers, but a few might just surprise you. Editors note: One asset to a dog's ability to assistance, that was not mentioned, is their ability to watch over autistic children. Dogs have an innate ability, to not only calm autistic children, but to alert their parents to a problem. There is a wonderful group here, in Greenville SC, called Dogs for Autism. Such an amazing group that trains dogs to be of service to autistic children! I have learned so much from my dogs about how to live life. How to be in the moment,how to let the past go, how to be happy with a toy, how to snuggle at night, how to go through an illness with dignity, how to enjoy green grass or blue water and, most important, how to be a good friend. I owe my kids so much, perhaps a bit more!

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