Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nupro and an interesting incident

Nupro is a nutritional supplement I highly recommend. Lots of vitamins, kelp, flax seed and other stuff your regular kibble might be missing. Smells great and the dogs love it. You can make it into a gravy and I strongly suggest you do so. Case in point, my 5 yr old Aussie got a cake of the powder stuck on the roof of his mouth. He went positiveley beserk, Tried to claw it out to no avail. I tried to intervene, but he was so terrified he would not allow me in his mouth. I know he didn't mean to but he kept clamping down on my hand. Having been badly bitten in the past, I wasn't keen on reliving the experience. It finally occured to me that I could get a dinner knife between his front teeth and back molars. Worked like a charm. Was able to scrape enough of the cake off to ease his distress. Then he allowed me to open his mouth and remove what was left behind. Lesson learned the hard way. But I will never feed the dogs a straight powder again. The girls would likely be more patient with me. Syd was found at 6 months and had been barely handled in that time. He gets better over time, but bathing,tooth and nail care and grooming were a challenge when I found him. Not to mention prostrate exams! There is a funny story there! The point is a dog in panic is never a good situation. And clearly having something on the roof of the mouth puts them in panic, some more than others. So just be cautious if you give them any kind of powdered supplement. You just don't know how they are going to react to that kind of stress. Mix it in a bit of water.

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