Monday, October 12, 2009

Be a guardian angel for the Spartanburg Humane Society.

I want to be a Guardian Angel People often assume that because the Spartanburg Humane Society has an in-house veterinary clinic we also have the resources to treat all sick or injured animals regardless of their condition. In actuality, the financial demands of providing excellent care for nearly 18,000 animals a year and the extra cost of special veterinary treatments limit our ability to meet unique medical needs. The Guardian Angel Fund was established by SHS staff, volunteers, and friends as a way to cover expenses for treatment above and beyond the regular veterinary services animals receive while in our care. Through gifts ranging from $2.00 to $1500 (yes, every dollar can make a difference), Guardian Angels have helped the SHS cover the cost of treatment for heartworm disease, injuries, illness, and long-term neglect – removing these conditions as barriers for pets finding a good home. When confronted with so many innocent dogs and cats who do not have a second chance, the Guardian Angel Fund is truly a blessing . . .to deserving animals, to the families who adopt them into their homes and hearts, and to all of us at who celebrate every life saved. To donate to a injured or sick animal, click here.

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