Monday, October 12, 2009

The gift of nothing

Hey I get it, it is that time of year. You are looking at an ever shrinking 401 K and wondering how you will get through the holidays. Maybe you can't afford to donate even the minimum amount, but can you afford 2 to 3 hours a week? Most shelters would be thrilled with that donation. All it costs you is a few hours on a weekend and you get paid with tons of puppy/kitty kisses. If you can't do that, perhaps you might try the following. Ever notice how the things you really need exceed the price of a birthday present and how all the things you do get are a bit silly? How about asking that someone donate to your favorite charity, in your name, instead of the door warmer or snuggie this year. You'll contribute to a great cause and feel all warm and squishy inside to boot. My cousin Heidi started this two years ago. We tell each other what charity we would like the money donated to and that is all there is to it. No shipping, no hassle and no wondering where that depression era, remake candy bowl is going to go. Plus you are giving a wonderful present to a not for profit agency, rather than trying to find the right present for someone you haven't seen in 5 years. Most larger institutions give a card to the beneficiary acknowledging your gift. But if they can't afford it, they possibly really need it! I think this is a wonderful solution! Hope you do too!

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