Monday, October 12, 2009

Need volunteers and creative thinkers in Brunswick, N.C.

Hi, everyone. You may know by now CHTA (Coalition for Humane Treatment of Animals) decided, for several compelling reasons, we could not take on managing the County facility as a Humane Society at this time. However, it certainly was not for lack of volunteers who came forward to help so we know animal lovers are everywhere!! We haven't given up the goal of having a Humane Society here in Brunswick County, but for now, we'd like to focus on keeping animals OUT of the county facility as well as any other shelter. That means reducing the number of animals being born and/or working out ways to keep pets in their existing homes (or finding them new ones). We know there are many other important animal issues in this county that need addressing, but we've decided the biggest impact would come from setting up a spay/neuter clinic, so, that is our current focus. We need volunteers to help us with ideas and do some research in the beginning, then eventually develop a plan for accomplishing our goal. Get in on the ground floor and help shape this project! We envision the clinic would be open to everyone, including shelters, rescue groups, other county's groups, and even our own county municipal facility if they want to take advantage of it. Cape Fear Spay Neuter Clinic is doing well and New Hanover Humane has a waiting list, so we KNOW this will be successful! Wouldn't it feel great to say, yes, we have a spay/neuter clinic in BC and I helped make it happen! Think of the many animals you've helped find homes for and those you adopted as strays or out-casts. Now multiply that number by thousands or people who are struggling to save lives because no one spayed or neutered their animals! Please, you can do a little or a lot, but do help us make this dream a reality! BC euthanizes THOUSANDS of cats and dogs EVERY YEAR! Preventing births prevents deaths. Please, please consider participating on our "Nippit Team." If you or anyone you know may be interested in brain-storming ideas, surfing the net or making research phone calls--or any other kind of help, WE NEED YOU! Once our "Nippit Team" is assembled, we'll meet in person and start planning. If you can't find time to meet in person, send us your ideas, thoughts and concerns ANY TIME! Send me an email if you--or anyone you know--may be interested in joining our "Nippit Team." We plan on starting to work on it in late October. (We know the holidays are coming, but this is something you can do at your own pace!) Thanks very much for helping to save precious lives! Margarete O'Leary President, CHTA

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